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New EQE AMG 2024 - CRAZY LOW MF - “Pinnacle Trim”

$699 Fee

Fleet = $3K
Loyalty = $3K(must have active expiring lease)

$1500 Payment credit is included to lower monthly! Included in the discount % -

$999 w/ $999 DAS 36/7.5K
$940 w/ $940 DAS 36/7.5K - WITH MSDs

UPDATE ON 2024s - EQS and EQEs -

580s will be very limited production moving forward - as the 450s have the hyperscreen now!

All 2024 EQS & EQEs are at 10% off pre-incentive -

do you have eqe sedan?

yes 2024s - 2 available please send a pm

What’s the typical payment you’re seeing for GLEs? Trying to decide if it’s better to buy one.

No Amex discount on these?

There is lower on the 24s -$2500

2023 EQB 300(4 Matic) - 13% off Pre-Incentive - No MSDs -Money Factor is like ZERO!!!

$649 Fee SOLD
This car will need to be shipped!!! Will be gone quick, wont see anymore 2023s around!

Hello, I might be interested. Is it still available?

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Hi, i have a quote for a EQE SUV lease. Wondering if someone could help me review it / understand it / see if I could perhaps negotiate further.

You need to post your lease proposal details in the Ask the Hackrs section of the forums. Your current post is on a Mercedes brokers deal page (I’m sure Sam could find you a better deal though when he has inventory).

Thank you for the advice!

LOANER EQE SUV 500!! 16% OFF - This loaner is LOADED!!!

3200 Miles

$649 FEE

Emerald Green/Black / Space Grey Nappa Leather

How many miles are on the car?

Sedan or SUV?

3200 miles

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SUV - 4 Matic

Any glc or gle lease deal available?

always have both depending on your budget


*699 Fee


$495 p/month with 1st and ACQ fee at signing!!! INSANE DEAL

14% off pre-incentive - very low MF - no MSDs

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