Everybody drives a used car!

This is from one of the local used car dealers, they do quite well. Routinely the top used car dealer in the state, and king of cheese ball ads. Just remember a 2 to 3 year old car has allot of farts.

I’d be concerned with cloth. Does a fart permeate leather, or just bounce off?

Personally, I like to lift a cheek when I blast, so as not to cause permanent damage, but I’m not so sure others are as considerate as myself :grin:


Has anyone here ever managed to negotiate an ozone treatment into the deal on one of these fart cars to mitigate the farts?

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Depends how bad the stank is. Haven’t had it be an issue yet.

I think a pack of these should be handed out with every fart car(aka loaner)0c89693878f700745addc2c9c3d94573

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It’s not the farts that concern me but the driving habits of people who have no reason to care about the long term health of the vehicle. Also the used vehicles I’ve seen sometimes have cigarette burns and other blemishes or are east coast cars that are now being shipped west after 3 years of snow and road salt.

Now loaner purchases may avoid some of these issues but from what I’ve seen in these forums most dealers only discounting maybe 5% more - not worth it IMO