Every type of Leasehackr post ever made

1. In response to a unicorn deal: "Can you share your salespersons name please? I want one also. Great deal."

As if knowing a salesperson’s name was all it took to replicate a one-off unicorn deal. Tip: No dealer is looking to lose thousands on yet another car unless they have to.

2. "Just signed a lease. Civic for $xxx/month. Is this deal any good?"

Standard response: Yikes, you should’ve asked before signing. Better luck next time.

3. "Leasehackr Calculator is broken."

Problem: User didn’t change default inputs, such as RV and MF.

4. An actual PM to me: "I am interested in the Cadillac XT4 lease or any other Cadillac vehicles you have. Please send the details at [redacted]@yahoo.com. Thank you."

Solution: Retain the services of an actual broker. Or pose a question to the broader LH community, after doing your research (i.e., searching forum, obtaining quotes, etc.). Either option is a better strategy than sending random private messages.

5. New topic: "299 a month for 36 months 10k miles. About 3k due at signing. Going to see what they have for at least 12k miles and maybe look at doing a 24 or 36 mo lease."

Cool story. But if you’re looking for feedback, we’ll need more details: MSRP of the car in question, selling price, incentives included, location, etc. Without that information, no one can comment on the deal.

6. "What’s the cheapest car I can lease? Don’t care what it is."

This is sort of an impossible question, because it varies for everyone. What incentives do you qualify for? Where are you located? Also, the dealer discount is a big factor in the cost of a lease, and that always varies on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to elaborate on these and add your own. :laughing:

Note this isn’t intended to be snarky. Rather, it’s a compilation of frequent LH occurrences that will help us create useful content for newbies.

  1. “Please provide RV/MF for 2020 Ford Explorer for 36/12 in 90210”

Edmunds is the source for that.


I see the deal you posted for your car (4 months ago), but I can’t get close to it, what am I doing wrong?

There are different incentives at different times, different money factors, different taxes, and if you’re looking at one that is $2,500 or $5,000 more than mine (possible though mine isn’t a stripper), then of course your monthly will vary!


piggybacking off #1 “pm the dealer please.”

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What if it accomplishes both? :joy:


@Michael this is actually a GREAT topic and should be added as a sticky on the ask the hackers forum, since 75% of new user posts seem to be something like this.

The one that’s been driving me nuts the most lately…

What is a good payment for this car?

We can’t possibly tell you, and anyone that says they can is just guessing. This is also exactly what the dealers want you to do - focus on monthly payment and ignore how it’s calculated.
Just taking a typical BMW example deal, your payment could vary by 50% or more just by changing the lease terms, your eligible lease incentives, tax rate, state/regulatory fees, dealer fees, and REGION since a BMW deal in Michigan or Missouri is most likely going to look much worse than in New Jersey or California. It is important to get the best deal possible on that car that you want by understanding all of these variables.
Solution: Understand how a lease is calculated, do research to get all of the numbers, and plug them into the LH calculator to see what your payment is. It’s that simple!


Pro tip: When I read “unicorn” in my first interaction you, my first reaction is to not respond. :sweat_smile:

Also, “What’s the best you can do on a _________?”
With no details, it’s a sign of you’re window shopping.


Oooooo another one.

I saw on here that everyone gets 20% off XXX brand demos. But no dealers in my area will go more than 10%. What am I doing wrong?

A common misconception from new members is that anyone can get some of the amazing deals we see posted. That is simply not true. While it is true that anyone can get the deals listed in the Marketplace forum, it can be extremely difficult or impossible to get some of the deals listed in the Shared Deals forum. Lease hacking can be very time consuming, tedious, and frustrating. Almost none of the ‘unicorn’ deals that we have seen have come from a person emailing a single dealer and receiving their initial quote.
Solution: Choose the vehicle that you want to ‘hack’ and research/understand all of the lease payment variables. Then go hunting for the vehicle. Be polite but firm with the numbers that you want based on your research. Cast a very wide net by emailing/calling every dealer within comfortable driving distance. Some members have even gone across the country to get their lease deals and had the vehicle shipped. Some have found the deal in their backyard. But almost all of them have put a substantial amount of time and effort into finding their deal, and failed far more often than they succeeded.
And this thread for how to negotiate: Wording Emails for the Deal?


Certain specific members posting unnecessary questions and/or responses that are just sloppily disguised (and IRL unimpressive) humble brags.

I hope I’m not one of them but if I’m please point that out:)

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Just this morning I was inquired about an i3 lease! I thought my name was obvious enough to the brand I work with…

Edit: Of course I had to offer a unicorn deal!:rofl:


Hi Mr. Dealer! I saw someone in Sheboygan Wisconsin just picked up a Q8 for $629 sign and drive on this site Leasehackr, I’d like the same unicorn deal from you here in California, I’ll come sign tomorrow!


LOL. Maybe change your name to DonnyNOTBMW?

Honestly I feel bad for the BMW brokers and dealers on here. I’m guessing that 75-80% of folks inquiring expect a unicorn deal and get upset when they’re told off. You know, because a handful of spectacular 4 series deals means that every 4 series should be $200/mo. And the ‘great lease deals’ had zero apparent effect on nationwide sales.



Great post! I still get a kick out of the ones like this:

Just leased a Nissan Sentra 3 months ago for $350/month. How do I get out of it for free?

The idea that somehow this forum and a comment on a thread can supersede contract law or the fact you are just terrible at negotiating or researching car prices always gives me a laugh. Sometimes the facts are you just found this forum too late and you’re %$#cked.


I want to be within the 1% rule on this car.

The 1% rule is meaningless and doesn’t determine anything.


The best leasehacker post.

I found my brand new lease car has damage on carfax. Who can I sue and for how much?


Other gems:

a) What is a good price on C300/320i/A3 fully loaded?
b) What if I put down 9k on accord hybrid to bring the payment down to my target monthly?
c) I am 40k miles over the allowance on my fully loaded C300. Can you suggest how to roll this into a new 7.5k miles Mercedes lease for under 250?
d) I have 20k negative equity on my Kia. Can you suggest a good BMW lease with incentives for my payment to be under 200 a month.
e) Dealer says they will eat my remaining 24 payments. Is 899 payment a good deal for this Kia?
f) I thought I had a 12 k/36 months lease on my Lexus but I looked at the contract last night and it turns out to be 72 month loan. Is this good or bad?


You should absolutely pin this post or even make it mandatory to read it before completing the forum registration for every new member.


#2 is my favorite. “Is this a good deal that I signed last week?”

If you have to ask it, it probably is not. Plus if you signed last week - who cares what someone else thinks, you already signed. Funny how many people “find” this site a week after signing!!

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I put $3k due and signing and $5k equity from my car. My payment is $100. Is this a good deal?

No, do not put anything to avoid losing it in case of a total loss.

Follow up to the above

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