Evaluate plz! 2019 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD Inscription

This is from an out of state dealer. I’m in NJ. 36/12k

MSRP 75700
Agreed value 64877
Gross Cap 68690
RV 43940
MSD 8000
Due at signing 8799
799/month moving onward

Please excuse the info if not precise as I’m new and learning.


What incentives/rebates are included? Is this t6 or t8?

Have you confirmed MF with edmunds?

This is T6

I don’t have the other info (yet)

Doesn’t look good to me just by the monthly.


$4500 in incentives in NJ, assuming no loyalty or military. Puts you at 8.4% pre-incentive discount on a high sticker value outgoing model. I’d try for another $2500 off the selling price.

You’ll need to verify MF to see if they’re marking up there. Wouldn’t suprise me if they were.

He’s buying out of state. May be NE still, or may be not.

Does volvo base incentives on dealer location or registration location?

Dealer. So if he buys from MD/VA then they may be different.

Good to know. Guess we’ll wait and see where he’s shopping at.

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Thanks gents. Dealer in PA.

Another 2500 off, would be about 70/month, making it $730/month. Is that what I should counter?

Before even thinking of what the payment will be, you need to confirm mf

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Anything under $700 should be good, IMO

Dealer sent me sheet but there is no MF listed on it. Strange. I have now specifically asked for the MF.

Sheet contents:
Agreed value: 64877
Gross Cap : 68690
Residual : 43940
Depreciation Charge : 24749
Rent 4014
Total of base MP 28764
Term 36
Acq fee 995
Doc fee 399
Sales tax 1740
Lic/reg 411
MSD 8000
Due at sign 8799

Get the MF from Edmunds and plug the numbers in the calculator. See what you get.


I did not add the incentive as I am not sure if it was applied. Thoughts?

There is a dealer in ny that’s willing to deal. Fell free to PM me and I’ll send you his info. My father picked up the XC90 inscription for a good price.

Following that I ended up getting an s60 based on that deal.

Do 11-12% off the sales price, add $4,500 to taxed or untaxed incentives and do 10 MSDs. Should also be -2,133 down, I think. See where you should be.

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