Evaluate my deal - Audi A4 lease

Hi all - new member here, looking for some feedback on the lease deal being offered. I’m in Oregon so sales tax is not a factor. Below are the details:

MSRP: $49,100
Discount: $4,446
Cap Cost: $44,654
Dealer Fee: $423
Total: $45,077
Rebate: $500
Customer Cash: $1,000
Drive off: $1,801.67
12k miles/yr; 36 mo lease term
Residual 55; mf .00249
Monthly payment $554.62 (Audi currently covering first month payment)

Thanks for the input!

Is an a4 worth $550 a month to you?

That was an awesome comment.

These things lease so horribly. Remember when you could get a 6 cyl BMW for less than a 4 cyl Audi? Think you still can, actually.

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At this point if you really like the car, get it. Audi has very bad leasing right now and for 550 there’s better option around.

I’m open to ideas - What else would you suggest? I want an AWD sedan with lots of tech and a luxurious interior. Do other makes offer better leases?

Find a leftover 330i or C300. They’ll be way cheaper than this and offer the same performance, interior, and drive.

Or structure the deal as first month out + max MSD. Makes it a little more palatable.

Lexus ES

All are more pallatable options in my opinion.

If all you care about is AWD, lots of tech, and luxurious interior, go get a Korean car. That pretty much describes my Genesis AWD.

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Check out the Jaguar XE and XF AWD also.

ES is FWD only, doesn’t have AWD.

Trying looking at Fletcher Jones Audi Chicago. They have crazy lease deals on their website and you can recalculate them too with your own tweaks like mileage, money due at signing etc. Click on new vehicle specials.

thats wayyy to much for an A4, go for the A6 with that price

Feedback is look at another car. There is no justification to pay that much for an entry level luxury model.

There is another 2700-2900 in it. Monthly payment should be around 475 + tax with 1500 drive off. (based on ny reg)

That amount is crazy for an A4, I have a decently loaded A6 and pay $552 a month which is thankfully over next month.

Check out a loaded Infiniti Q50 RWD Sport (even the lower 3.0 engine). It leases much better, really strong engine, nice interior and loaded with tech (although it doesn’t have android or carplay).

If name doesn’t mean anything to you take a look at the Genesis ultimate, even the 3.8 has a strong engine and it comes with pretty much all the tech.

The Jag XF seems to have crazy rebates and is leasing really well. Loading it up with options will push that price up. I personally found it small but others really like it.

I don’t think someone looking for an Audi wants a Hyundai.


I started out dead set on getting an A4. After getting several ridiculous dealer quotes and lots of good feedback from this forum about how terribly Audi’s lease and no No Cal dealers seeming to budge very much, I did in fact just get a 2017 G80 3.8 AWD with Premium package 12/k 36 mos 0 down for $421.

Have only had the car for a week but so far I love it. Its very comfortable, has lots of bells and whistles, android auto and Apple CarPlay, all leather, 3 years of free maintenance, 3 years of free Bluelink and 3 years of VIP service. Have not once found myself pinning for the A4 :blush:.

I also test drove and considered a 3 series, Lexus and infiniti. None of those really floated my boat, but of course, to each his own.

Edmunds forum says mf should be .00075 on this vehicle, which would certainly make the whole thing more palatable. Has anyone had success actually having the dealer come so far down off their marked up mf? And how reliable have you found the numbers from edmunds to be? Thanks for all the input!!

Tell them u have a better offer elsewhere and part of the difference is the mf they gave you is .xxxx vs .xxxx. Once they understand that you are educated and know they start to realize they need to be where you want them to be.

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