Evaluate my 2019 BMW 430i loaner deal

Convenience package + Harman speaker

MSRP: $47,570
Selling price: $40,570 (14.7%)
Rebate: $4,250
Adjusted price: $35,320
Residual: 52.8%(?)
MF: 0.00170
Due at the signing: $1,000 (Registration, tax, and first month?)
Monthly payment: $481.64 after tax
Max MSD: $3,150
Area: Nor-cal

Been dealing with this dealer for a while and found the only 2019 430i loaner car they had.
This loaner car is still in the loaner status, and the dealer can’t check how many miles this vehicle has yet(<5,000 miles). I’ve wanted to get it at least 18% off MSRP. But, found it very difficult to do around Silicon Valley area and also MF(.00205).
I was able to bring it down to $435 monthly payment after tax without any down payment. The dealer wouldn’t go any further than this and not that desperate to lease the car out since the car is still in a loaner status and already losing much money from this deal.

How do you guys think?

Them jacking up the MF to .00205 before MSD is already an offensive (to us) move but refusing to budge off 14.7% on a 430i loaner?

Keep shopping and let them sweat it out a bit more.

The most I could get on a 2019 BMW 4 series loaner was 18.4% off MSRP in Nor Cal and it got sold out real quick.

Can’t get stuck on local when you’re shopping for a hot deal. Your money is just as good in SoCal or wherever the right deal for you is located.

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You might consider making a trek down to So Cal. We did that for our BMWs…Not Cal dealers aren’t as aggressive.

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