Evaluate Lease Proposal - 2019 Lincoln MKC Standard

MSRP: $38045 (incl Dest and Acq Fee)

Cap Cost: $36936 (X-plan)

Incentives: $1000 Lincoln Aged Inventory Cash
$2000 RCL Customer Cash
$500 Wish List 1st Months RCL Cash
$250 AXZD-Plan Customer Cash

Net Cap Cost: $33,751.00

MF: .22% APR
RV: 51%

36/12: $412.00, $1137 DAS (1st month, dealer fees, taxes)

Looking to assist parents, trying to stay under $350 for small SUV. Assuming one can negotiate lower than x-plan (abysmal 2.9% off MSRP).

Never dealt wit Ford/Lincoln so looking for any insight, feedback. Thank you in advance.

I’d definitely start over without mentioning x plan. This is aged inventory on a model that’s been replaced. You should be able to go a lot deeper in the discount.

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