Eval XC90 Mom w/ Advnc Pckg in Southeast


Looking for feedback on this XC90 deal in progress.

2019 XC90 T6 MOM with Advanced Pckg
MSRP: 62,930
Selling Price: 54,930
($5K [8%] dealer discount + $3K Volvo rebate)

MF: .00105 (after 10 MSDs starting from a base MF of .00155)…looks like buyrate MF based on Edmunds forum

RV: 58%
39 months/ 12k miles
(edited from original post of 24 mnth)

Doc Fee: 600
Etch fee: $250
Acquisition Fee: 695

Tax rate: 7% on monthly payment

  • This was their first offer, so I’m hoping for improvement
  1. Currently selling price after dealer discount is 57,930 (8%)…which I thought was a good starting point. They have 70+ units on their lot (although 2 in the trim/color combo I’m looking for), al thinking they might be motivated.

A 10% discount would be 56,637 (although there is still a $600 doc fee, so I should factor that into selling price on my mind)

Will say I’m looking for 56,250 and hope to end up around 56,600… or should I set an even lower target ?

  1. Is this $250 etch fee bogus? what is it? should I be able to get rid of it?

  2. Decided on 24 months bc considerably higher RV. Any downsides/considerations to 24 months vs 30, 36, 39?

  3. Given that we already have $3k incentive and a 67%RV…not likely to get any better in Dec right?

  4. They said they dont know about the 1st month waived winter rebate…but I’ll ask about it again, but figured let me finalize a solid selling price then work on this since this should be a gimme if its nationwide from manufacturer


Paging @KD6-3.7, @Ursus

Higher monthly payment in your case, obviously. Sometimes 24 is better, but the difference in RV should be around 8% + high incentives.
Seeing current deals, I have the feeling that all brands will have better deals in December :slightly_smiling_face:
You can ask for extra discount to cover this $250 etching fee.
I beilieve @Wahoowa has an offer on the exact same car with a slightly better discount and a lower payment on 36 or 39 months.

I messed up when I did the calculation (erroneously thought the 24 mos was cheaper) …so I’ll prob do a 36 or 39 month

@Dealhackr - you’re on the right track and hopefully can make it better. The $600 doc fee gives them room to do better. If the etch is on there, all you can do is knock it down a good bit.

You have the right 39/12 MF and RV. Try 30/12 at 64%, same MF and put it in the calculator. Less likely to buy tires or brakes with 30 months. 24 months RV is 67% and will probably suck, same MF.

I don’t picture this getting better in December. The bird in hand is the $3,000 lease incentive. The 1st payment waiver should be there and continue in December, but that’s not guaranteed. It is a gimme- it does the dealer no good not to give it to you.

Thanks for feedback; will work on this over the remaining days of the month and report back with progress

my target is 10% dealer discount but now I also need to account for this extra 600 doc & 250 etch

Is it better to negotiate the doc & etch fees separately? Or should I just include that in the selling price from my perspective and try to bring down the selling price by that much more? ie. is it less desirable for dealer to bring down their doc & etch fee, or is it less desirable for them to bring down the selling price

I doubt they can negotiate on their doc fee, but they know it’s fluff. The etch probably cost them $50. So shoot for 11% and see where you can get. If they ask why you’re hitting them so hard, you can say the $850 doc and etch is almost pure profit and that’s part of it.

@Ursus is right. I’m sitting on a deal for pretty much that exact car for $697/month after PA 9% tax and that’s before applying any MSDs and before any back and forth. They’re also wrapping all fees in right now, only drive-off is first payment. I feel like I can get this close to $600 with a little work and applying max MSD. Still seeing if I can get first payment waiver too that @KD6-3.7 says is available.

All of that is for 39/12K

Thanks for input; do they also have the $3K Volvo incentive in PA?

My goal would also be to be ~600 all in, which seems like it would be the case if they go down $2k + do the 1st month waiver

His deal is in MD. PA is in NE region without 3K. Read his original post

Latest update in my deal:

My goal was to get another $2k off; so far they’ve come down another $1k

It’s a “10%” dealer discount before incentives, but when you add in $850 (600 doc + 250 etch), then it’s really an 8.2%

$651 w/ $0 drive-off…minus 1st month winter rebate, brings it to ~$635

If they come down another $1k, that’d be my ideal price

Told them I’d check back with them on Friday to see if they’re able to go any lower. Found 1 other unit in the area with same color combo & similar trim (slightly higher msrp)…will see what they can offer


Other advice I was looking for was the Wear & Tear package? Generally I dont buy into these. but could consider it if it was discounted. How much discount can one get on those packages (ie. what is a good price)? Can it be added w/in 30 days of lease?

Does the wheels/tires policy cover wear/tear of the tires? But on a 39 mo lease I might need to replace them for myself right, for adequate driving tires?

Also, What price differential b/w the 30 mnth lease (higher) makes it worth it vs the 39 mnth to potentially avoid new tires/brakes? I guess what would new tires/brakes/labor cost…then I’d have to see if difference in payment of 30 mnth is less than that amount?


Bump @KD6-3.7, @Ursus

Updated Calculator:

You don’t add it back in, especially after you’ve already got a great discount. This is not how it works with discounts off MSRP. But sure, you can ask to remove etch, if you want to push it.

got it. so looks like I have a solid deal then

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Dealer is saying they dont have the 1st Payment Waiver in the south and it is only in the North.

Is there any # at Volvo I can all to confirm this? I thought it was nationwide

@Dealhackr - try 800-458-1552

First month waiver-For what it’s worth, it wasn’t available to me in OH this month. Had the sales manager call her Volvo Financial rep while I stood there. Yours may be different.

Thanks for data point

@KD6-3.7 called the # they didn’t seem to know anything about it anywhere; I think they were just looking in the public volvo site

I also called the volvo financial services site and they didn’t seem to know about incentives

all I could find via Google is this dealer advertising it on Cali

I called VCFS funding and they say it’s only in the western region, which goes all the way out to IL or so. Seems like the northeast and southern regions have better incentives elsewhere and no first payment waiver.

wow thanks for looking into that

What is the standard volvo acquisition fee
995 isn’t marked up right?

$695. 20202020