EV || Plug-In Hybrid || separate thread - $95 prius prime back in March

With new incentives, increased demand and constantly changing tech breakthroughs and pricing - I want to suggest dedicating EV || Plug-In Hybrid || Green Cars in it’s own category/topic.

EDIT: for the following I want to be clear it doesn’t exist anymore due to CVAP now does not accept applications and chip shortage.

On the side note - I helped my friend lease a Prius Prime at the end of March 2021. The cap cost was absorbed by CVAP, Education and some other rebate- the DAS was roughly one thousand. In addition my friend is getting back an enhanced $3,500 check from the state just in time before the end of the incentive in April.

This wasn’t with our “usual Toyota guy” or anyone on the forum - he wasn’t able to combine the incentives (not his fault) so I did my homework and called around some other nearby dealerships until one agreed to the deal I had structured.

But this is to my point exactly - EV rebates depending on the era can yield some pretty awesome deals!

I apologize if the Prius Prime was off topic.