EV options in CA? (Spark EV)


I’m new here and have a question that I hope you all can answer. I’m interested in an EV that would be free or almost free after the CA rebate (is it $4k now?). I was offered a Chevy Spark EV 2LT for $129 + $595 due at signing for a 36mo/10k mile lease. Can I do better? I don’t think I qualify for the $500 conquest rebate.


The most recent post on this blog has specials for $99 with -$855 down and $29 with $2995 down in NorCal, not sure how much the 2LT is worth, maybe worth considering this one instead.

The $4k rebate is only below ~$36k income per year, it’s $2.5k under ~$250k income.

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Nice blog. Thank you.
One question: how do you get the deal information?
For example, I go to Steven Creek Kia for Soul EV information they do not have that deal on the web site.

I don’t know - my guess is that they come from the common “Special Offers” pages that are often on local dealerships, or that the deals are perhaps reported by blog readers.

If you scroll down on that blog you will find a large table of all offers with links sorted alphabetically by make.

So I’m not sure what to do at this point.

I have an offer for $130/mo for 36 month +595 down on a 2016 2LT Spark EV (which I’d like to take) but I’d like to get the $500 Farm Bureau credit. This would take 30 days (unless I’m mistaken) because I’m not a member yet. Do you guys think that this type of deal will still be around then? I need the car soonish but am OK waiting a month if I need to. I spoke with someone at CVRP and they said that the $2500 incentive could be changing in November.

If you are down with a car that small consider the Fiat 500e if cost is a factor

It is a factor but the Spark EV has 4 doors and better crash ratings (I think) I have a baby so the Fiat 500e is out.


I am new here and couldn’t find a way to post on ask a hakr. I found a craigslist post to take over chevy spark lease for $137. This was the post:

Take over my Chevy spark lease.

We are moving to the east coast, and can’t take the car with us. Sad to let it go. I never thought I would like a small car, but this one is powerful and it is very easy to park in the tight spot.

It has a white car pool label so you can drive in the car pool lane. Bay Area traffic is increasing every day and more constructions on 101. It saves so much time to drive in the car pool lane.

It has roughly 16 months left on the lease, and after that, you can buy the new Tesla, or lease a new electric car. Lease ends on end of 2018.

$137 monthly lease payment includes insurance for regular wear and tear up to $5000. That means you do not have to worry about scratches and dents when you return the car to the dealer.

The car is available to take over an end of August.

$137 includes taxes.

I contacted the guy to seek more details. He sent me these: Miles Left: 18100, Lease ends 12/19/2018. This means approximately 17500 miles will be left on the lease for the 15 months and 18 days.

Now to my question:

Do you think it is a good idea to take the car as it is from him provided it drives fine and I get it checkup without possible issues?

I am new to leasing and frankly paying monthly for a car (financing or leasing). Last car I had was owned and paid for.