EV, Fleet, Conquest Discounts on MB EQE Deal

Working on a lease purchase for an EQE. On the dealer price sheet, MSRP is listed, then under it zero discount. Then Rebate of 9k, then “additional discount” of over 10k. I’m asking for fleet incentive (even signed up for an organization just to get the discount) but being told that it is not stackable and/or already accounted for under “additional discount.” Can anyone shed light on this? Thank you!


What does your target deal look like with all the rebates you qualify for?

Post a link to your LH calculator.

I have to admit some confusion about the LH calculator. I know the end monthly payment, but I don’t know the MF. I get confused about taxed and untaxed incentives also.

But basically, for 85k MSRP, came down to $680/month with 2k DAS.

Having current, accurate information for residual value, money factor, and incentives is important in understanding your deal. As such, going directly to a source that has access to that data from the captive banks is your best option.

Rate Findr has that information, as they have direct access to it from the captive banks. It’s a tool on the Leasehackr Calculator, available to Super Supporters.

I’m sorry I’m not a Super Supporter.

Here’s a crack a the LH calculator, sort of forcing numbers to fit.

You’re flying blind without knowing the MF etc. Up to you whether you see the value in accessing Rate Findr.

That’s pointless.

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I appreciate your advice Max, but I don’t think it’s answering the question I’m asking. I’m comfortable with the monthly payment, and I think it’s a good deal and happy to sign. I’m just trying to understand the Fleet discount and where it gets accounted for.

I’m curious to know where on that dealer sheet snapshot I included people have received their fleet and conquest discounts. Does it usually go under rebates?

I also don’t know what the difference is between the Discount under MSRP and then the “additional discount” under the Rebate.

Your sheet shows 2k as a cap cost reduction. Likely means your das is much larger.

I was told “2k drive off,” which I interpreted to mean total due at signing, but I will clarify.

Looks like you already have your answer? Could you elaborate? I think your deal is equivalent to 11.x% discount plus all rebates.

Protip: add EQE in title and you will have a better suited audience

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I wasn’t asked to apply for anything (Sam’s Club, etc), so I was confused if Fleet was being applied or not. I expected that if it were being included, it would have been under the Rebates total. So when that came out to 9k Rebates, but the total expected for EQE is 10,750, I wanted to ask the question here. If it’s common for some of those rebates/incentives to be accounted for under “additional discount,” then so be it.

Yep maybe worth a chat with the dealer. Fleet is $750 more than the welcome to electric.

Your MF is wrong, Residual is wrong too. You can ask for how the incentives are being applied. If you have EV conquest and Affinity, total incentive is $10750.

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It really is answering the question you’re asking though.

With MB dealers, some include incentives directly in the selling price. Some itemize them as rebates. Some do a combination of both. They may be factoring the fleet into the discount, separate from the other rebates. If you have a target deal put together so you know what the lease should cost, you have easy visibility of this, as the final numbers will be very close to your calculator.

If you just shoot blind, you’re really just hoping for the best.


I have a target deal, but as you say, they put the numbers in different places, so it is difficult to use the LH calculator. I agree that I’d like to know the MF and residual out of curiosity…but at the end of the day, what else matters besides how much money you put down and what the monthly payment is?

The dealer is saying they don’t have the time to go through the LH calculator with me, that there are a lot of people interested in the car, and “take it or leave it.” It’s a little pushy and a red flag, but at the same time, if its 85k MSRP, 2k DAS, and 680/month including tax…looks like a great deal…

You can see the monthly numbers on the edge of the screenshot. That’s with 4k cash down. Top row is no MSD, second row is max MSD. I agree with LeaserOC that “cash down” looks like a cap cost reduction, so I need to clarify any additional due at signing, but dealer had said 2k drive off.

The whole point of having a target deal here is because it doesn’t matter if the numbers are in different places. You’re putting together the target deal because they might put them in different places.

With that said, since you do not know what the rv/mf actually is for the vehicle, you DO NOT have a target deal put together.

You say “what else matters besides how much money you put down and what the monthly payment is?” but without the proper inputs, how do you know how much money that should be for your situation?

You should never be asking a dealer to walk you through the LH calculator with you. You need to have these numbers sorted before talking to a dealer if you want to be effective.


First rule of LH. Don’t talk about LH with the dealer. Why don’t you simply ask them for the MF and Rv they are using and there will be plenty of people here that will help you with the calculator.


They posted the deal on LH.

Assuming RWD, base MF is 0.00220 and the 24/7.5 RV is 67%. There is no use picking any numbers to maked the deal “fit”.

Then I would say they are probably a savvy dealer, so just work with them directly.