EV Discussion Thread

I feel like the best part about switching to BEVs is I simply stopped giving a crap about how efficient the vehicle was at traversing distance based on some potential energy capacity. Solar panels and charging from said solar panels FTW.

Plus the batteries in the garage mean I can export energy during peak time and generate juicy NEM credits. My home may operate at an annual kWh deficit, but I can make up for the NEM cost differential by simply generating NEM credits with peak time exports.

BEVs + Solar + on-premises batteries go together like peas and carrots and more peas.

I personally believe if Tesla can come up with Model 2 earlier and with a considerable price decrease compare to M3. I think it would wreck the EV market. I believe there is a need for a good small affordable EV car and I would love to have a spare M2 in the house. If it is like 10k-15k cheaper than M3, that would be awesome.

l used to think that, but Americans don’t like small cars. That’s why America stopped making small cars. Americans like EVs even less. Americans want big cars, and are willing to settle for PHEVs which will still be allowed under CA’s gas vehicle ban.

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Not just a cheap Tesla 2… any cheap EV… especially a lease.

That’s why the Bolt is still selling and LHers are getting these cheap EV leases (compared to Tesla).

My Ioniq 5 is leasing $100/mo less than my Y was.

You mean less or more?

Sorry… less. Just edited my post above.

That’s the one thing about Teslas… you are stuck with their leases for most cases.

Wouldn’t really matter. In the U.S., people want big cars. Most people think the model 3 is too small, so whatever Tesla put out that’s smaller than the 3 won’t matter.

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But there is a portion that likes that small hot hatch segment.

A portion that’s insignificant. We need SUVs that are < 50k. Not 80-120k shit that isn’t reliable. If Hyundai or Kia can get Palisade/Telluride equivalent, EV9, down to that price in a few years, things would change.

Pensacola EA seem to be working well.

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I agree we need bigger and cheaper SUV-type EVs but had their been ~$20k EVs… even if smaller… we would have got those for our kids.

Like ICE cars, there is demand in all categories.

As my mother would say,


Do you have a turd in your pocket?"


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It looks like it had a throughput of roughly 150 KWh for your 30 minutes. Were you at one of the 350 kWh ports?

Of the dozens and dozens of EA DCFC 350s that I have used in the RS e-tron and the Taycan CT - I’ve counted only 4 times that they actually put out the 270 kWh that both cars will accept.

Peaked at 195KW which is what the iX will take.

Here’s the curve at a 150KW charger, it appears like there’s a power limit and that a lower peak holds amperage higher and deeper into the pack.

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Toyota shows off new Giga press. They are going to build EVs like Tesa. Why not copy the only EV company making profit?

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It’s not always so rosey.

Hyundai doing the same thing.

received today via email. another reason to delay buying or leasing an EV in California:

You think gasoline prices are just going to remain flat?