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Yeah common, who needs loaners when you can lease straight up used at a +2 RV boost.


It’s better than used. It’s CPO. :grin:

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Instructions unclear… is it a good thing or a bad thing to lease a used Porsche and get a lower monthly payment than a loaded Accord?

The couple people I knew that got Taycans early on are now driving ICE again. The new Taycan has been upgraded quite nicely. But if you are bored of the car, what are going to switch too? Everything is basically a downgrade in the EV space. Also I am sure most owners weren’t happy with their plummeting values.

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I wonder if other manufacturers will follow that +2 RV for CPO leases.

Anyone seen it in other brands other that Porsche?

Honda/Acura is doing it soon

Toyota just announced they will be joining the ionna group. More chargers coming

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Oh good, another app to download.


Is there a price difference with TAP TO PAY vs APP?. On my wifes car (eqe) when to charge we just plug it in and open the benz app to see battery time and level

So there’s flexibility around this - the gas station style tap to pay / card swipe, paying via an app, and simplifying the last one with plug and charge.

To simplify it, you’re describing plug and charge as you plug your EQE into an EA charger, the car communicates through an API that permits EA to charge your Mercedes & Me app for overages, or in a general sense the power dispensed. In comparison, BMW didn’t have plug and charge until what like last quarter missing that last bit of integration, you had to go into the app to start charging from what I recall, and some Audis I think still require additional input of activating a charger via the Audi app (gt owners, plz confirm).

Tap to pay would be a situation where your card gets pre-authorized, and the charger dispenses, just like at a gas station.


This is true.

While I wouldn’t characterize it as infuriating, it is a speed bump.

At one of the places I charge I can’t get a strong cellular signal due to the terrain (stations are at the foot of a steep hill), and you only have so many seconds after clicking the EA button for the next screen to load (where you enter the station ID and then wait again) before the process times out.

So then you have to disconnect the charging cable and completely start over. This is relatively infrequent but definitely annoying.

Separately, it’s outrageously inconvenient to pull up to a charging station on a network I haven’t used, and not be able to charge without downloading an app, creating an account, loading a payment method, etc.

Compared to buying a tank of gas at any random station, the experience is like trying to divide convenience by zero.


It’s been a…year? You haven’t found a working home charging solution yet or is your car still under some directive to not use its own cord?

Show me on the doll where my charging habits touched you.

I was answering an Audi question

and then moved on to experiences I’ve had on road trips you claim I don’t make.

If costs were relatively equal, would you go for a;

  • Genesis Electrified GV70
  • Rivian R1T Dual Large
  • BMW iX xDrive50
  • Mercedes EQE500
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I’m torn at the moment - considering all 4. The iX and EQE would be loaners with a decent number of miles (~ 10k), not a huge fan of their exterior looks but I want something fast and fun to drive and love the interiors of them. The R1T is beautiful (exterior and interior), but is it fun with the dual? Finally got a dealer willing to deal on the Electrified GV70, and its fast as hell (fastest of the group), love the looks but I actually like the interior the least out of the 4. It also has free charging, smallest range, but we aren’t planning to road trip in any of these.

If you decide on the iX, try to find one with DAPP especially if you’re using this as a highway commuter. I regret not getting it.

Yes - 100%. They had an iX M60 locally at a good price, but I passed since it didn’t have the feature. I won’t consider a car at the moment without some form of highway driving assistant.

You can always activate Driver Assist Plus from the iDrive which will at least add basic adaptive cruise and steering.

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My 2 cents

Cost of ownership is not roughly equal. A GV70 should be a lot less than an IX. And that’s before we dive into the weeds of insurance and tires needed sooner for loaners with 10k miles etc.

If on road performance and fun to drive factor are important, then the R1T and the EQE are out.

Comes down to
Personal preference between GV and IX

Thanks, good points. One thing that is a bit annoying about the R1T is that the 21" tires that the spec im looking at would include are ungodly expensive since there’s no real options at that size. It’s close to $500/tire and most people say they only last ~ 15k miles.

Insurance is surprisingly comparable from what I’ve run through my broker - with the GV70 the lowest, followed by the R1T the the EQE/iX. Amazingly my Wrangler 4XE is $50 cheaper/mo than all of them.

w/ State Farm they are as follows -
GV70 - $197/mo
R1T - $198/mo
EQE500 - $214/mo
iX - $227/mo

I was talking to the owner of an R1S (platform twin of the R1T) the other day. He said it’s very truck-y. It’s not car-like like most other BEV.