EV Discussion Thread

Like how the student loan forgiveness plan was signed. It could get held up in court for a long time.

They allowed them to buy tons of dna recently when 23 and me was sold to them…not sure if that’s true but chicoms have stake in the company. Lots of commingling going on with sensatibe data that can be used against us.

I’ll believe it when I see it happen.


I also believe if you actually signed up with 23 and Me or one of the other genealogy scams, provided your personal info, DNA and other sens data then you were just asking for a complicated life lesson that would teach you the meaning of the word “regret” many times over.

I can’t 100% knock it. I found out I had a half sister from it. My dad was never told about her from the woman, she was adopted. 30 years later she found my family through it.

The issue comes when that data is sold. Stuff like that should be highly confidential and any breech of contract should come with major lawsuits. Company is pretty much out of business anyway at this point so I’m sure they’re selling it all to scrape together executive golden parachutes.

I am glad you found out about your half-sister, but the above quote is the problem.

The nonsense that happens after it is sold can be devastating - personal information, health status, and anything else.

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IMHO, Americans are pretty capable creating their own propaganda :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see tiktok any different than Facebook, IG, Snapchat, Youtube or X.

Or when the government decides a certain ethnicity is a problem. But that’s never happened before in history, so I’m probably just paranoid.

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Germany 1930s?

The list is much longer. And goes back much further.

TLDR: lots of dumb people bought used rental cars and are blaming Tesla because they’re pieces of shit. lol.

Well, tesla is a pos. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but dude buying a rental car? How dumb do you have to be?

They probably be fine if they bought a rental toyota :stuck_out_tongue: . Tesla is bad enough for new buyer, the only car which I need to print out a check list prior to accepting delivery.

But some people buy Tesla to be different, and special.

The MYLR rental I had recently had over 80K miles on it but honestly felt and drove better than most of their ICE fleet at 30K miles.

Yes it was a bit beat up and had a fairly noticeable amount of pack degradation (~10% from new) but that still stands.

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So true, we rented it out on turo. Let me tell you we didnt wanna leave the car alone parked in target (wesbury,ny). We were getting dirty looks. Telling me or my wife your wasted your money buying this. Lol mean while it was a weekend rental :joy:. We thought the car was gonna get vandalized. But on highway everyone was taking pics of us

Another fun article to read on these junk former rental cars.

They said Hertz gambled on Tesla and lost.

Then random folks trying to score a deal gambled on the rental junk, and these people lost too.

I sense a trend of who is losing vs who is winning when it comes to Tesla.

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I think this goes for any rental car, EV or otherwise. And this includes long term rentals, ie leases.

For EVs it’s even more so. I keep my battery charged to 100% every day. Do I care about the long term health of the battery? No, I do not. Because it’s a rental, man.