EV Discussion Thread

There are only so many of the “hurr, durr, always buy used because Dave Ramsey said so” people out there to buy these used EVs. Anyone who actually looks at TCO would be insane to buy a used EV with the current lease deals on new EVs.


Speaking of which, I usually like his videos, but this one from Chevy Dude was hilariously wide of the mark where he blames Tesla not having dealers for him getting rekt on depreciation because he bought a used Model X instead of leasing a new EQS.

That whole argument is off the mark. Someone in the market for a MX today most likely has less than zero interest in an EQS at any price.

As for the video, he’s just virtue signaling for the dealer lobby in case he ever needs to go back into a franchise store or wants to try to open/buy one in the future.

Seems consistent with the EV market. Everything about EVs and tax incentives are conspiring to tank resale value.

As for YouTube videos about crashing values, the Car Edge guys have been doing their bombastic videos about the full size pick up truck market slowing down and prices being too high. Overblown for sure but Bloomberg confirms the full size truck market is definitely softening.

@trism may hate them but the RAV 4 seems primed to overtake the Ram as the third most popular vehicle in America this year and is gonna give the Silverado a run for its money for the number two spot. Toyota’s management is looking like fortunate tellers right about now - exact opposite of GM and Ford. They were very cautious on EVs and didn’t put too many eggs in full size truck game.


Hey Jim - how about the PHEV’s?

Phev, hybrids do great. Still can put gas in them…

I wonder if the ICE truck market is slowing because all the fake truck drivers are getting EV trucks instead?

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Total EV pick-up truck sales are a rounding error to Ford and GM. I strongly suspect the sale of high price pick ups (and basically all full size trucks are now $50k+) have fallen off because higher interest rates make it much harder to get to a buyer’s target payment even if you stretch out the length of he loan past 60 months.

I’m selling more tundras now then since the new design came out. Obv sold a ton when they were 350/mo leases. But that’s also bc my pricing is better to we just take business from the other dealers. I’d imagine sales are def down and have been for awhile.

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Which makes sense, Tundra sales are actually up over pre-pandemic numbers.

Maybe I am wrong but looking online it seems like the Tundra’s success is consistent with Toyota’s general theme of keeping prices in check. What is the transaction prices of an average Tundra sale for you. As recently as late 2023 the average transaction price of a full size domestic pick up was $60K. And I imagine the lower end sales are mostly standard cab work trucks like the F-150 XL.

Are Toyota truck sales increasing because they are ::gasp:: more affordable?

Average prob right at that range. 60-65 with my discounts.

Dealers are selling less and lots are full of these. I’m selling more bc I’m 3k under invoice. When we were just selling with smaller discounts they weren’t selling well at all. So I’m back to precovid discounts and Toyota is doing rate specials now so it’s def picking up.



Even back then it was 25c per KWh? Dang

You can do that now with any 110v outlet and a mobile 110v charger.

That’s how I charge our PHEV and EV… old school!!


Since you are a Big Nerd, you should try and install a Magne Charge J1773 in your house… the cool factor would be off the charts.

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Apparently there was a functional Level 3 Magne Charge (50KW) being tested before the cars were pulled back and crushed in most instances.

Rather than further develop the tech, Our leadership in their infinite wisdom decided to go into foreign lands to steal their resources instead and kick the can down the road.

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That’s why you want to be on the winning team, and have your teammates pay $7,500 for your lease on a Bimmer or Benz.

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Yet a $7,500 investment per unit at the time could have likely yielded 3-4 times that today in both less inflation and more advanced tech and or battery density improvements.

But hey, I guess you don’t win as many friends with salad as you do with 2 ton cluster bombs sold by your local friendly weapons manufacturer and their utility in enforcing the use of the petrodollar. :man_shrugging:

Anyhow, Time to go grocery shopping!

Most won’t get the connection so I’ll summarize it.

We basically had Bolt EV technology in the early 2000’s and we shelved it for ~15 years because there was more money (not for us though) in hegemony than there was in progress.