💥 EthanRS SoCal Chevrolet - ALL DEALS ON HOLD

Many of you know me as @ethanjlr - I recently was offered an amazing opportunity to start at a new Chevy store in sales management, hence the name change. I am beyond excited to finally be able to do more with this community as we all know Jaguar Land Rover isn’t the most “LH friendly” brand.

Due to my schedule, I do not do one-off quotes.

I’m sold out of Bolts and Camaros unless otherwise stated.

I am out of the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - please contact via PM only

Deals are for CA residents only.

DO NOT send inquiries directly to my store or walk in without an appointment.

Ethan Smith


Best of luck to you! Thanks again for the JLR help and insights in the past!


We’ll miss the iPaces but here’s to the c8s and stingers!

If you have a telluride deal someone here will deify you.


Congrats man! All the best to you!

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Stingers and Tellurides?

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Congratulations on the new position! Looking forward to seeing the Corvette, Bolt, and Stinger deals. Best of luck.

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@ElectricEliminator @HersheySweet @Bostoncarconcierge @volvo1

Thanks for the well wishes! You guys get first dibs on my C8 deals :laughing:


It’s a campus (Chevy + Kia). I’ll be based in Chevy, need to talk to GSM but will likely offer a Kia spreadsheet too :+1:


Congrats Ethan! Will they be mad at you showing up to work in the Alfa or did you get rid of it already?

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Thanks! I’m counting down the days until my lease is up on the Alfa, it is a tad boring for me but I can now take advantage of being so far under miles. I think after that I’ll get a beater (something sub $10k, likely a manual Jetta TDI) and slap a bomb stereo system in it to cope with my new 34k mile per year commute and a lower mileage leased car for the weekends :sunglasses:

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That’s a ton of miles. Wouldn’t it be better to just purchase a Bolt with all of the current incentives?

I already had my quasi midlife crisis car with the Gladiator… I don’t know if my marriage would survive a C8, although my Volt is up in September of 2021 and I do enjoy having 3 cars at my disposal…

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Got c8 deals?? :joy:



Maybe you could find a TDI Cup Edition for that! (I think that was what they were called, they were pretty slick back in my VW days)

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Where are th spreads?

I’ve been slammed at work. I should be done with it on Monday / Tuesday at the latest.

You left LR without getting me my 999/mo Full Size Black Pack…I thought we were friends :cry:


You never brought me enough deals to justify it - go lease another BMW :yawning_face:


I already did :yawning_face:

2020 Bolt EV (Slate Grey)

$38,940 MSRP
36 Months 10,000 Miles
Must have supplier, loyalty / conquest.

$2,000 DAS - $222 + tax
$3,000 DAS - $193 + tax