⚡ EthanRS - California Kia Lease Specials (CVAP + CCFR Approved) - Deals Posted!

Many of you know me from my Chevrolet deals - I was recently promoted to oversee our Kia franchise as well. I am beyond excited to be able to offer the most aggressive Kia deals on LH!

Due to my schedule, I do not do one-off quotes.

I am out of the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - text only

Deals are for CA residents only.

DO NOT send inquiries directly to my store or walk in without an appointment.

Ethan Smith


Ethan Smith
Text Only - 949.415.6938

K5 GT-Line

36 Months 10,000 Miles
$30,470 MSRP
$1,500 DAS
$240 + Tax

Forte LXS

24 Months 10,000 Miles
$20,560 MSRP
$1,500 DAS
$95 + Tax

Stinger GT AWD

36 Months 10,000 Miles
$43,285 MSRP
$1,500 DAS
$397 + Tax

Niro EV EX (Sold Out)


Solid deals, Niro is looking extra :ok_hand:


Shots fired!
Holy crap, man…that is an amazing deal!


talk about some crazy deals @ethanrs



What’s the range on the Niro?

239 miles. This is a great deal.

Does it assume any CA rebates? Not everyone qualifies for them.

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Oh, bummer. Still a great deal, though!

I’m new here. What is CVAP and CCFR?

Also Ethan, anything for Niro EV EX Premium?

Edit: did some search and looks like it is California clean vehicle rebases. So I’m assuming this applies the rebases already to reduce price.

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Could be wrong but I thought EX = EX Premium.

Google CVAP to see if you qualify. They’re clean air rebates.

Just CCFR which everyone gets :+1:

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Doesn’t qualify for CVAP/CVRP - needs to be at least 30 months for both.

Should clarify - you need to take the 36 month lease for CVAP/CVRP to get the rebates.

What if I’m interested in getting 36 mo / 12k miles. Looks like that is not possible since you mentioned that no one off quotes?

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If you need a quote adjusted I can do so, when I say no one-off quotes I mean making custom quotes for cars I do not post.

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I see, so since Ex premium is not posted, you won’t be able to give quote on that?

If there’s enough demand for them I can post them in my thread. It’s more in reference to the people that text me asking for structures on 5 different cars.

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Do you have Niro phev?

Yes, will likely post specials on a few more cars just wanted to get these out for the time being :+1:

Not to speak for Ethan but I think what he is saying is that he doesn’t want people just messaging him with “can you give me 24, 36 with 10k and 12k miles each? On a Soul and a Niro.” But I am sure he would be happy to tell you what the payment comes out to with more or less down, etc. However, you should note that for this type of stuff you can usually just do a back of the napkin calculation and should get real close. So, when you want to know how much more for 12K miles instead of 10K miles like below you can guestimate. Probably a $15 or so dollar difference on 36 months and a bit more on 24 months. He won’t change the deal on you just charge the extra for the change in residual. In any case, I bet if you think the 10K mile deal is good you will also think the 12K mile deal is good.


Thanks for explaining. This is literally my first day on the forum so still learning. What you said does make sense.

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