💥 EthanRS - California Chevy Lease Specials (CVAP)

November possibly

New lease specials being posted soon, MFs got cut on everything with some heavy inventives.

I need a big weekend so I’m going to post some stupid deals.


What’s the scoop on the LT1s?

The t-shirt should say
2018 - vhooloo - in a few years Bolts will be 99 a month (after state rebates)
2020 - ethanrs - hold my beer - 5620 one pay


I’m going to post something today, quite a few people asking



2021 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 - SOLD but more available

Camaro programs finally don’t suck! :partying_face:

36 Months - 10,000 Miles
$2,000 DAS - $295 + Tax

$39,695 MSRP
$37,695 Selling
$1,500 Rebate*
$36,195 Net Price


Awesome! Too bad it’s not a crew.

I have crewcabs that I would do a similar deal on, they’re just higher MSRP

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I am interested in the Silverado offer, is it good through October? What equipment does it have?

Does Chevy offer recent graduate discounts?

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s very apparent you haven’t read through any of this thread at all. Please spend the time to get up to speed on how this works so that Ethan can spend his time creating more unicorns. Thanks.


who cares if it’s cheap it’s cheap; if Ethan has to pay you out of his Bolt Merch fund, who cares.

It’s probably just tax doc fees, and a little ccr, but if you got to a Chevy shop I promise the won’t dig this deep, Ethan’s passion is loosing money.

  1. $4,750 is for finance or a cash purchase
  2. First Payment, tax on first payment, title & reg fees, and some CCR


Ethan, currently have a ford focus EV lease ends 03/01/2021, which was a 36m 45k lease, in your opinion when is the right time to start shopping and getting a deal going? Also as a first time leaser and long time lurker how to accomplish the smoothest transition?

Make sure you DON’T turn in that FFE - sell it to Carvana, Carmax, a dealer! You almost certainly have big positive equity on that (resale value much higher than the lease residual). I made like $5k on mine

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NICE! that’s what I wanted to hear, I am for sure under my miles by at least 5k. If you wouldn’t mind can you briefly explain that process, this is my first lease, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I want to be more prepared this next go around

EDIT: looking on carvana 14k is their offer

EDIT2: Purchase price from Ford Credit= 10602


You are never going to get this lucky again :slight_smile: Ford wayyyyyyy lowballed their residual. But Ethan here looks like they have great deals on Bolts (I also moved from FFE to Bolt 2020). Maybe he’ll give you a good trade value. Ford is a HUGE PITA with lease buyouts though, will never lease from Ford again.

I dealt with a family of 3 that traded in leased Focus Electrics for Bolts.

I’ll never put myself through that hell again lol sell it to Carvana / Vroom / Shift


What’s your take on the bolt? I’m really interested in this one pay option, I have been reading about.

Could I pay off the FFE so I own it outright, which would be 9800 at lease end plus taxes then talk with Ethan who hooks up a LH and just hand him the FFE and I leave with a new Bolt for 36month 15K plus a 1-2k down?