💥 EthanRS - California Chevy Lease Specials (CVAP + CCFR Approved)

:yawning_face: 99/month Stinger then we’re cooking. Best of luck Ethan!

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looking for a bolt ev

I’ll PM you right now.

LOL, I’m actually going to be exclusively Chevrolet for now. Soon I’ll be dropping deals left and right, it’s nice to have a GM that wants to be #1 in volume regardless of gross.

Pretty sure that Bolt deal I posted is the lowest on LH right now.


A $250/month Bolt EV is the best all-around car in the world. Fight me.


I didn’t understand the hype until I drove a Premier I sold yesterday. Truly a kickass little car for the price. I don’t think anything comes close as far as value goes.

How about some real cars?? Anything with a v8 really

Tell me what model you want and I’ll blow it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is this still available? Do you have more details about this car? Looking for the driver confidence package.

12% off C8s pre-incentive? :laughing:

*with the exception of C8 Corvettes


Any c8 for sale 10% off msrp :joy: (with performance package)

Congrats on the new gig and best of luck!


Looking for a Silverado Crew Cab Diesel, PM please

None in stock unfortunately. I have 1 Silverado 1500 in stock and its a 5.3

How about the SS w/1LE package

Sold out of Camaros, Corvettes, and Silverados.

Here is the spreadsheet for what I do have in stock. Other trims / colors are available just PM for details or to revise a quote with different rebates, mileage, etc.

Ethan Smith
Internet Sales Director

In case anyone was wondering what a 2021 Tahoe leases like… base mf is .00300 :flushed:


Bolt is somehow still available. After crunching some numbers and comparing offers it it currently the lowest priced Bolt deal on LH! And it has fast charge!

Must have supplier, and conquest or loyalty (any lease in household qualifies) includes 7.75% tax

MSRP - $38,490
Discount - $3,203
Rebates - $7,250
Total - $10,453

36/10k - $9,914 :exploding_head: