Equinox Premier AWD $33815 MSRP : $133 PM , $842 at signing 24/10 lease

I have attached a lease structure received for Equinox Premier. I will leaning towards signing this today/monday.
NJ state

$3000 is towards Conquest lease. I haven’t received the breakdown of other incentives.
Need to how can I make it better -

  1. Dealer told me $500 farm bureau cannot be stacked on top of this
  2. How can I make the lease more lucrative ?


133 a month for 33k car is pretty good. I would be inclined to take the deal as well

Okay, will surely post the details once i finalize the docs tonight /monday.
so i guess i should let go the fact that i am not getting further $500 discount as dealer isnt ready to apply farmB certificate?

If you are signing on monday, u got time. Try negotiating with another Dealer to come up with the same selling price and get the FarmB certificate etc other incentives in and hold back on another 1 incentive that no one denies and use that in the end to bring the payment down by another 20. BTW whats included in the 7700 ?

Is this a 2017 or a 2018 equinox?


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Can you share the dealership. I’m in NorCal and looking at the Equinox for my brother.

What proof does GM need for conquest?

I just finalized the deal.
This is in NJ - www.pinebeltchevrolet.com

$33815 MSRP Equinox premier in Pearl white
with cargo cover

Rebates : $8200 ($500 FarmB, $1700 CCR, $1500 Select Market CCR, $3000 Conquest, $1500 Bonus Tag)
$133 per month including taxes
$842 due at signing
24/10 lease
66% RV
0.00092 MF

Monthly payments [($842/24) + $133] = $168 comes to around 0.5% of MSRP of $33815.


I submitted my Camry lease monthly statement.

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Take the deal. We signed on a 24/15 2017 Equinox LT for 144/month so this is a killer deal. I bet you could even get 12k miles and still have a better if not equal payment to ours

Taken :+1:
Thanks for sharing your data point

That is a great deal. Enjoy!

awesome deal.

Lots of opportunities available to get some great deals with the $3000 conquest rebate.

Can you detail the rest of the rebates you got?

Rebates : $8200 ($500 FarmB, $1700 CCR, $1500 Select Market CCR, $3000 Conquest, $1500 Bonus Tag)
Thanks for your feedback guys !

Very nice – these leases are cheap enough to make one-pay attractive. By my calculations, one-pay would save ~$850 over the 2 year lease.

That’s a good saving…
Can you tell me how to come up with that number for my deal numbers?

If you use the calculator on the main page, select the one pay option and acquisition fee waiver.

Yes that’s my problem …
When I input the msrp selling price RV MF
I see a number which is $109 a Month instead of $133 :frowning:
So I couldn’t validate

Just add the taxes into selling price and it should equate. The calculator has no ability to roll in taxes so have to manually add into the selling price.

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