Equinox Lease - Georgia - First time leasing in GA - help appreciated

Hi All,

I’m targeting this particular vehicle, 2017 Equinox LS.


We currently have a 2014 Cruze lease that ends in one month. I have $1000 of eligible GM card earnings that I can use toward another lease, and I just received a mailer saying if I take delivery by 2/28/2017 I can have an additional $750 bonus redemption from my card, for a total of $1,750 GM Card dollars.

It looks like in GA we have to pay 7% sales tax on the entire selling price of the vehicle when we lease it, even if you were to do a 24 month lease… :frowning: So, I will of course have to add that huge chunk onto my total payments, making it significantly harder to replicate the great deals here…

If anyone can help me set my expectations as to what I should shoot for, I would be so grateful. If you can recommend an ATL-area dealer that you’ve used before, that would be even better!

10k miles per year , 36 months would work great, unless a significantly better deal can be had with different terms.

Thanks for any pointers!

ps. I am a USAA member, Costco Member.