Equinox constant noise from rear brakes

So my neighbor’s Equinox has started to make a constant noise from rear brakes. Been to dealer a couple of times and last time they kept the car for 2 weeks. They changed brakes and such but finally they said they do not know what it is and cannot fix it. I know there was one guy that posted about a bmw and reading his post he is on waiting game right now. Car was bought in Nov 30 2017. General manager said car is safe, albeit the noise, and as such they not taking it back. Wouldnt a constant noise be distracting though?My recommendations were:

  1. Better Business Bureau
  2. Yelp, Google, dealerrater negative reviews
  3. Letter to Attorney General of the state, Dealer Consumer body in the state, Federal authority (not sure of name now) and cc GMF, GM, and dealership?
  4. Sue them in small claims court for cost of a rental meaning stop driving the car and sue GM and everyone, every month?

Any other steps to consider?

lemon law comes to mind. In FL I believe it’s eligible if the car is not fixed after 3 attempts were made or spent cumulative total of 30 or more days in service within the first 24 mo. Laws vary by state.

Suggest having a different dealer service the car as a first step. Agree it is an unacceptable answer for them to tell you they can’t remedy the issue.

I would go to a different dealership first to see what they say, but that is me

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I would think a letter to Chevrolet would do it.

Check the BBB Auto Line and see if your state and Car Manufacturer participates in the program.
I have had good results with them back a few years ago when Kia had to buy back my 2 year old Optima Hybrid due to non repairable issues.

It’s free and results are binding for the manufacture only. If the results are not satisfactory, you could always take them to Court under lemon law.

To find out if your manufacturer participates, check the last few pages of the warranty booklet.

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Thank you everyone. Will keep it updated how it goes. Kind of messed up that they say driving with a noose is acceptable.

IMHO, that just means that they are a bad dealership. The fuel pump pressure sensor (or something like that) failed in my mom’s Equinox and the car basically shut down. She was able to get it to the Jeep dealership owned by the same owner as where she got her Equinox and they took care of her like royalty. They immediately brought her to Chevy so she could get an Equinox loaner and assured her that they would fix hers as soon as possible (and it was once they got the part). I’d share the dealer name so that hackrs know to avoid them for service. I think you’re in LI/Westchester so a Central NJ dealer won’t be very helpful to your neighbor.

Huntington Chevy is the dealer. No they did provide a loaner for two weeks but then said car is safe but we cant fix the noise. If you dont pick up the car we will charge you 50 bucks a day storage fee.

IMHO, the dealers that give the least hackr worthy deals are the best in service at least in NY (aside from manhattan dealers). Not saying that one dealer can do both, but have taken my car to higher sales priced dealers and have received better service most of the time. Doesn’t apply for any of the manhattan dealers.

Good point. Will try that. Maybe low volume dealer.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s either pads or rotors.

Can you describe the noise ?

They changed the brakes and rotors. I cannot but will take it for a spin tomorrow and update.

Not necessarily. I had a G6 10 years ago that made a squeaking noise from the rear. I was convinced it was the brakes. Had it in a few times and the brakes were fine. Turned out to be the parking brake cable was rubbing against metal where it passed through a grommet hole in the body. It was a stupid design faux paux that had everyone scratching their heads until it was found.

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Thanks everyone. Noise went away on its own for now. We will see how it goes. Good thing its only a 24 month lease.