EQS lease Texas

I am looking at leasing an EQS in Texas. Has anyone leased one recently? I have confirmed they will pass along the 7500, but still waiting on confirmation it will be applied as a cap cost reduction. Anyone know if that’s possible? Also, first dealer I’ve talked to said .0033MF and .49 residual. As these numbers are a non starter, does anyone know where I should be aiming and how much room they have to play with? Does Mercedes offer sales tax credits also on a lease? Any info would be much appreciated!

What did edmunds give for rv/mf?

I was at .0015 MF and 44% RV on 48mo/10K miles quote for a EQS 450+ before any MSD.

In my case the federal rebate was applied as a cap cost reduction.

In addition to a 2.5% discount from MSRP.

In your case, the only way I get to 49% RV is by adding the rebate to RV.

One thing to consider is that some Merc leases appear more palatable because the term is 48 months. It’s an additional year of payments vs 36 months and another year stuck with the car.

Right… I am hoping for 36 or 24 months

Less than 50% residual? Might as well buy it then sell it when you are done
Is there any incentives? Even the 7500 won’t really cut into that low residual.

The hack for these might be on near base model EQEs for shorter leases, where $7500 will carry more.


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