Epic Leftover- 2015 prius two


First off I am greatly appreciating the tips on this newfound site. In trying to score this deal here in northern CA, I have had a few dealers ask me to prove where I am getting the nov residual tables and/ or the November lease incentives. If I can prove this I think i will be able to get the deal. How should i go about this?

Hi there,

Upon further research, it turns out the MF and lease cash info we posted is only for Southern California. Unfortunately Toyota lease programs are highly regional, and we don’t have data for Northern California. I can confirm that the residuals are the same, however.

Best of luck with your search. If the prices end up varying too much, perhaps try contacting a dealer in So Cal?


Thanks for the response Michael. I have actually spoken to some dealerships in Socal and they are telling me that if I can privide proof for the 65% residual and $2000 cash back incentive then they would honor it. Where can I find those figures from? (they want me to cut and paste the website browser and I did not want to link this one as they may say that it is invalid to use).

I also had a couple dealerships here in northern CA that will match the same residual and incentive as the socal lease deals if I can prove them by sending them a website link as well.

Residuals are set by Toyota Financial Services; a dealer cannot modify them – so I don’t understand why they’d ask for proof.

Nor can a dealer “match” incentives from an outside region, as those incentives are also set by the Toyota.

Incentives (TFS lease cash, college grad cash, Amazon gift card) can all be found at the manufacturer’s website. http://www.toyota.com/local-specials/

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