Entry-level luxury sedan MF and residuals

I am looking at several cars and it will likely come down to whatever I can get the best deal on. Any suggestions for a payment around $400 a month with no down payment? I am looking at 36 month/12k mile leases. The most likely candidates being 2016 Audi A4, 2016 Mercedes C-300, 2016 Mercedes CLA 250, 2015 Infiniti Q50 Premium, and 2015 BMW 328i. I am also considering a 2016 Cadillac SRX standard because I’ve seen some good prices and I qualify for the loyalty offer as well. I would love to get any information possible on residuals and money factors for these or any information on how I can go about finding this out on my own as I know I am looking at a lot. Thank You!

Lincoln MKZ right now has $6,250 lease cash and $5,500 lease cash on MKZ hybrid. Their “Pledge” program is pretty attractive for service - no out of pocket maintenance for 2 years and guaranteed loaners. Not sure on any other loyalty/conquest. Should be able to get a nice discount too. I would think less than $400 would be doable.

Buick Regal has $3,000 lease cash, $1,500 competitive lease; $1,000 competitive conquest, or $500 loyalty, plus any other of the GM incentives (GM Card points, private offers, Farm bureau).

How do the Ford incentives lower the price (Police, grad, Private offer, AQHA…)?

Will definitely take a look at the MKZ now as well. Anyone have MF and residuals for the others? I tried emailing some dealerships but they don’t want to give me numbers without going in.

Under $400/month with $0 down (+drive-offs due at signing) on C300, Q50, and 328i should all doable, if you keep the options reasonable.

2016 C300, 36/12K
Residual: 62%
MF: .00152 (.00072 with MSD and auto-pay)
Selling prices vary by region; target 15-17% off MSRP in Southern California (best case scenario)

2016 328i, 36/12K
Residual: 60%
MF: .00132 (.00083 with MSD)
Recent grad bonus, Driving Event attendance, corporate fleet incentive all help

2015 Q50 Premium, 36/12K
Residual: 53%
MF: .00032
Expect lots of discounts to offset the low residual. It’s last year’s model after all.

Thank you! Will work on getting some deals and post back.