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My first post here, have been lurking around the forums for a while. I have been looking to get a A4 or 330i/320i or C300 for a good price < 350ish after tax (in WA). The dealers around here haven’t been really helpful. Mostly they have been throwing around 400+/mo numbers of these models with sizeable down payments :frowning:

Lately I have been looking at online brokers like the LeaseOutlet and they have some great deals atleast on their website like https://theleaseoutlet.com/lease-specials/bmw/2018-bmw-3-series-320i-sedan.php and https://theleaseoutlet.com/lease-specials/audi/2018-audi-a4-2.0-tfsi-ultra-premium-plus-s-tronic-fwd.php and a bunch more.
I showed one of these deals with a local dealer and he pretty much laughed at me and said there is no way he can match this so how genuine these websites are ? Anyone tried them before ?

Thanks for your help on this.

Reviews for that place suck. There are tons of reputable brokers on the site.

Walking into a dealership with someone else’s numbers isn’t the way to go about getting a good lease deal. You need to figure out the numbers for your desired vehicle and trim, and do your homework before you engage a dealer.

The WA market isn’t as competitive as other markets (SoCal, for example), so you’ll need to cast a wider net. Definitely look at loaner vehicles as well, although they most likely won’t be as heavily discounted as some deals you see on here. Not sure where exactly you’re located in WA, but have you considered reaching out to any of the dealerships in Portland?


I am in Everett/Seattle area and was hesitant going to Portland and finalizing a car but that looks like the only option now.

Let me also try and find brokers on this site who can help in WA.

Buy a one way ticket to Bay Area or LA, road trip back up, save thousands.

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If you find any, can you PM me too? I couldn’t find any who is willing to work in WA. It sucks.

Sure :slight_smile:

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Finding a BMW hackr deal is impossible in Seattle metro. Mercedes is only slightly better. You’ll do better in Portland for both.

Any brokers to help in WA or finalize a deal in Portland ?

List of registered dealers and brokers here. You can reach out or follow their deal posts in marketplace: https://leasehackr.com/registered-business/

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I think @Benedetto is one of the only brokers on this site that operates in the lower 48 states, but I’m not sure how much work he does in WA and OR. Doesn’t hurt to reach out to him and ask. Alternatively, I think @28firefighter has dealt with the Portland BMW dealerships and might be able to offer some anecdotal advice?

My anecdotal advice is that it’s a slog up here. Contacts don’t mean much (mine have moved on) and it’s more about right place, right time, and putting in the work. I can refer for Subaru (which @jamiemose knows) and that’s about it.

I don’t know of any brokers up this way. WA requires you to be a registered dealer with physical location to broker deals, so it becomes a very expensive proposition to get into the field.

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Ah, did not know they had to have a physical location here!

The < $350 for C300 were (mainly) for stripped loaner cars (IIRC).

Many were. A couple P2/P3 cars also were had (mine included).

Yeah. I think that’s why there are only a handful in business up here and less that even do deals regularly.

The most prominent broker I am aware of up this way doesn’t claim to get best price but makes the transaction painless. Says if you want best price to shop it yourself. Apparently the model works.

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You need more details about the deals.
At this time of the year, it sounds too good to be true. But you can never know.

Can you share the broker who can help in WA ?

I have not used them so I’m not comfortable referring. But based on their website, they probably can’t help you with the criteria you’ve provided.

Suggest posting in the wanted thread and then searching google for brokers up in WA if you don’t want to try things yourself.

cool, thanks