Enhanced lease cash 2019- 4 series


I have seen about enhanced lease credit for 2019 in a couple places on this forum. Is there now an enhanced credit of an additional 2500 that came mid month? Is it available on all 4 series? ( convertibles?)

I think it depends on the region I don’t see it for north east

its in midwest for sure

Yeah and I think so cal as well however I’m noticing the dealers there aren’t discounting off the msrp as much

I believe cash is enhanced due to the stop sale on other models.

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Oh because the x1? But are there specific states it’s for or is it in general because I don’t see it listed under the website

3 series as well

And a bunch of 2 series

it is available in our area

I was considering a 4 series due to all the incentives but keep in mind the residuals arent great.

I went with a 2019 3 series and its not as much of a deal but the car is a zillion times nicer. No comparison, at least on the interior.

All personal preference of course.

At least in SoCal, total lease incentives for the 4 series are $6,750 ($2750 lease cash, $2500 loyalty, and $1500 may enhancement). However like others have stated, dealers aren’t that willing to lower the selling price because of it. So far I have not seen any SoCal deals that have gotten 20% or more on a loaner yet.

What area are you in?

Yeah I’m pretty sure the dealers make more money by using the incentives rather than taking off the sales so much

Absolutely they do. That’s basic math. Why discount as much if the manufacturer is providing more incentives.

I intend to bridge that gap in TX if some other movements don’t go forward. :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this is available in NY/NJ?

No it’s not
At least that’s what the dealer here told me

I am in pittsburgh
and I know it is also available in ohio from the dealers I called