Ending one lease/starting a new one

I was wondering how everyone usually works the transition from ending a lease (let’s say it ends 10/1/18) to beginning a new lease (let’s say you finished negotiating 9/15/18). Do you delay taking delivery until 9/30/18 or do you lose half a month with the current lease, etc? Thanks!

Delay and tell the dealer you wont need it until end of the month. Put a deposit down to reserve so it can be taken off the dealers inventory of available cars.
Then there are cases when i see a unicorn deal that likely will never happen again such as clearance of prev model, asian conquest, cash for clunkers, 2008 financial crisis, etc. i sit down and do the math ithen buy/lease a few months ahead if it make sense. Personally, i am not a fan of previous model clearance since i feel like i am buying a used car.

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