⚡️ endeavorauto / VW + Volvo / ID.4 + C40 / multiple available UNDER MSRP / CARE BY VOLVO DEAL!

Why is this such a bad deal?! $599 a
Month and thats with the $7,500 and $2,000 NJ Chargeup. I mean jesus christ am I reading this wrong? $9,500 off and still such a high monthly payment no wonder people getting gas vehicles. They have the pathfinder 3 row suv right now for like $300-$400 a month.

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You get the tax credit and buy it out instantly rather than waiting to file taxes and that’s IF you qualify for the tax break

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I am talking about lease numbers not finance numbers or cash. I mean this is leasehackrs right?

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That number is correct. The money factor on everything is sky high unfortunately, just about or even higher than those Nissan leases with crazy high residuals, and I’m transparent about that and make my clients aware. Most individuals choose to lease with the intent to buyout, as they have the right to do, which I encourage them to do, to avoid paying the hefty monthly rent charge. A lot of people consider the ID.4 a great value and choose to go this route because they may not qualify for the full or any federal tax credit, or they would rather take it off the top rather then waiting for it in their tax returns.

I advertise on the marketplace rightfully following the rules everybody else does. If you don’t find value in anything I post, then it’s rightfully your choice not to give me your business. I give the opportunity to others to take advantage of deals they believe is worth their dollar. No harm in that, at least to me and my customers.


Nothing personal we all appreciate your hard work in finding these vehicles, I am sure your numbers are better than if you were to go to a dealership. As a person that loves EV’s it pisses me off we have all these things put in place to incentivize people but then you have a stupid high money factor to completely squash those incentives. It stinks! I want more EV’s out there on the road!

It’s something of an economic fallacy that a $7,500 tax incentive is saving you $7,500 on the car.

For one thing, and this is a bit oversimplified for ease of explanation, but if market research shows that consumers are willing to spend $40,000 for a given vehicle and there’s a $7,500 tax credit available, the manufacturer just sets the MSRP at $47,500.

Have you ever shopped at Kohl’s? Everything in that store is always “40-60% off,” but that doesn’t mean that a sweater tagged at $80 is an $80 sweater. Unless you’ve been snorting meth off the blade of a hunting knife, you’re not going to pay $80 for that sweater, ever.


You just proved my point as to why it’s frustrating to me that they are pitching all these things to make folks think that EV’s are more affordable and incentivize folks when at the end of the day its all BS! I want an EV bad but I am not getting one unless its around the same price a month as the ICE comp. I would pay even a little bit more a month knowing I don’t have to go to the gas station to fill it up, and the other cool perks of having an EV but c’mon! I have a feeling until they make it a point of sale discount it’s just going to be like this. Super frustrating!

It’s worth remembering that there is not a tax credit available for consumers on a lease.

The tax credit that gets passed through is the section 45 tax credit for corporations. They have no obligation to give you a single penny of it. It’s a tax credit that is meant to encourage businesses to increase the use of evs in their fleets.

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Now $2000 OFF MSRP, 22 AWD Pro lease starting at $416 p/mo + FEES DAS (NJ residents)

22 AWD Pro, 36/7.5k, $412 p/mo, FEES DAS (NJ no tax, includes $4000 Charge Up NJ):

22 RWD Pro S Gradient, 39/7.5k, $536 p/mo, FEES DAS (NJ no tax, includes $2000 Charge Up NJ):

22 RWD Pro S Gradient, $529 p/mo, 39/7.5k, FEES DAS (NJ no tax, includes $2000 Charge Up NJ):

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PSA: By surprise, Phase 3 of the Charge Up NJ electric vehicle incentive program has come to an end as of April 17, 2023, at 9 PM. Phase 4 of the program will resume once funding is renewed for the 2024 Fiscal year which is expected in July 2023. Existing ID.4 orders before the deadline will have incentive funding locked in if ordered after 7/25/22.

More information: https://chargeup.njcleanenergy.com

TAX CREDIT UPDATE: The 2023 ID.4 has been confirmed today to approve for up to a $7500 federal tax credit for qualified buyers.

The Commerical Clean Vehicle Tax Credit “loophole” remains unchanged and lessees are still receiving $7500 of lease cash for both 2022 and 2023 leased ID.4 vehicles.

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What type of deals are there on leases with the tax credit?

Would anyone be interested in a Volvo C40 Plus?

Lease is 36 month, 7.5k miles per year

$469 with $469 due, must qualify for Costco + Affinity
(calculated with NJ registration)

$299 broker fee. Message me.

What’s the cheapest C40 I can get ? In NJ

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C40 Recharge Ultimate available, $62k MSRP, 7.5% Off MSRP + incentives, tri-state pickup, $250 fee

$7500 Lease Cash
$2500 Costco (member May 1st or earlier)
Affinity: Military/First Responder/Healthcare/Teacher (must use ID. me verification) $500
Volvo Loyalty (current owners and lessees) $1000

Sage Green / Charcoal (SOLD)
Fjord Blue / Charcoal+Fjord Blue
Crystal White / Charcoal+Fjord Blue
Silver Dawn / Charcoal

Sample Calc w/ Costco + Loyalty, First Month + max MSDs DAS:

how much would the price change for 12k miles

interested at 12k as well.

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Also another question - my friend who lives with me has Costco before May and am I eligible for $2500 if she adds me as an authorized user? Thanks very much!



Care by Volvo Deal! Bare with me as I’m still new to this

2023 C40 Ultimate, 62k MSRP, $299 BROKER FEE

Wheel + Tire Coverage
24/7 Roadside

24 month / 15k mile per year “Subscription”
$990.93 per month (NJ reg)

Dealer will give you a rebate check of $2500!

Ability to get out of “Subscription” after 5 monthly payments.

Possibly scenario:
$990.23 due at signing, $2500 rebate check, 5 monthly payments of $990.23, exit “Subscription”

$990.23 x 5 = $4951.15 - $2500 = $2451.15 / 5 = (NET) $490.23 p/mo

Total Cost for 6 months:
$990.23 DAS + (5 payments) $4951.15 - $2500 = $3441.38

(+$450 disposition fee if you don’t enter another Volvo)

You can keep the vehicle to term or get out of it as soon as you possibly can. The choice is yours.

I will try to answer questions as best as I can!

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