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Gotta start somewhere right? This is my first of many posts as a broker and I’m looking forward to it all.

I am a broker based out of NJ serving the Northeast Region, specializing in :zap: electrified :zap:vehicles. Coupled with my love and knowledge of these vehicles, I hope to provide unmatched customer service and support.

Thanks in advance for your feedback :slight_smile:

Anthony A


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I just picked up my ID.4 Pro S AWD and the process couldn’t have been easier. Anthony was super helpful and responsive as we ran into an issue initially trying to transfer an existing 2022 reservation. Ultimately I had to submit a new reservation to get a US-built 2023 and I must have gotten lucky as I ordered it on 8/16, locked on 10/20, and was delivered to his NJ dealership last week.

Ended up getting $3K off between the offered dealer discount and NJChargeUp rebate, then will have $7,500 to claim on my taxes and no sales tax.

It was the fastest auto transaction for me ever as the dealer was very transparent, didn’t try to push any add-ons, and I was out the door in 20 minutes.

Lastly, Anthony is certainly passionate about EVs and appreciated his valuable insight throughout the process.


Anthony hooked me up with a Bolt at MSRP here in NJ. With the current full Fed rebate, State incentives and no sales tax, they are hard to find here in NJ. Deal was exactly as advertised with no gimmicks or add-ons.


Recently picked up a '23 RWD Pro with Anthony’s help and only have positive things to report.

Having placed an order through Anthony in August for a '23 Standard trim, I kept my eye out for ID.4s to pop up once the $7500 credit became available. Since my order has been pushed back a few times (currently May - July 2023), I decided to spend a few bucks more and get the larger battery, while still staying away from things I didn’t want (glass roof, 20" wheels, full leatherette, etc.). It also helped that the exact color combo I ordered became available (Tourmaline Blue and Nutmeg interior).

Easy transaction, no up-sell from the salesperson or the Finance Dept., and everything, including the price was as expected. Plus, Anthony applied the $200 fee I paid him in the summer towards this model, which was $399. I would definitely use Anthony’s services again in the future.


Hey guys - Just want to give a recommendation to Anthony (endeavorauto). I used him to get a very hard to find AWD PRO S in Grey Black for a 2023 model on the pre increase pricing. He crushed it. Got me to a great dealer nearby, was able to cut a good deal on the car and his knowledge and expertise about the vehicle and the NJ / Federal rebate programs are unsurpassed. Deal was quick, easy and I was in and out of the dealership in 45 minutes. Great broker. Worth every penny


I apprecaite your feedback and I’m glad you had such a great experience, if it’s too much to ask could could you move your review here:

Just picked up my Volvo C40 through Care By Volvo. Signed the deal an hour after Anthony posted it and picked it up a few days later. No problems at the dealership, just verified the deal, signed the papers and walked through the car setup. Awesome how easy everything was, overall, an ideal transaction.


Anthony is the nicest broker I can imagine. Very hard working and very manned words - new user friendly especially when you are not familiar with all those terminologies and processes. I intended to get C40 Care by Volvo but the dealer couldn’t finish the process because of my insurance thing and Anthony refunded me with no hassles at all. Very trustworthy person and definitely will come back if he has the vehicle I want.