End of Month Volvo Deals!

I checked it in blue screen, the payment is +/- $3/mo

I will take it

All but 2 sold to hackers!

go deep on that xc40 i dm’d you about, get you fired EOD :joy:

Used cars are not under my control. I wish! 3 new openings in our group that I am ineligible to transfer to, however if I was fired…


Would 2 negative survey’s/reviews do the job? :eyes: :rofl: :rofl:

Then I wouldnt get rehired lol.

Need to walk that fine line…

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pricing by inquiry only. Please feel free to PM/Email/or Text me

They will come when you go deeper than 10% off before $2,500 lease cash.

nobody else is at 14%…What would you suggest?

10% off will definetely not get you fired, but rather promoted lol
Try at least 12% if you want to sell and 13-14% to have any chance of getting fired :grin:

Why should I beat the market by 3-4%?

Because you wanted to be fired, no? 10% off is not “bottom feeding” anyway.

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point taken

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Sold to a hacker!!!

Any xc90 s that are the kind of to be fired deal?

should’ve kept the 15% pre incentives deal, would’ve gotten you fired.

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Which car is this that you just posted a calculator for

I need to annoy my current gm without getting her to tell other gms not to hire me. delicate balance

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fixed 10 char

I’m in Mn. Can I get these deals??