End of month quota bonus

I am trying to leverage the end-of-month timing.

And I have several deals that are great… but they are far from me…

If I sign the paperwork via e-doc, does that count against a manager’s quota for the month…

Or, must the car actually be delivered to me before the end of the month?

as long as they run your credit and you sign the paperwork before the new year, it will count for 2016 even if you pick up the car a week later.

So I literally could lease a car 3,000 miles away from me today… get a fantastic deal… have the car shipped to me a month from now - and everyone wins, right?

If the dealer is willing to park the car that long then I think the answer should be yes. Tell the dealer you have to arrange for shipping and it can take 2-4 weeks for pickup. There’s the issue of who is responsible if something happens to the car and also you are paying a month for something you’re not driving but if u should be able to work it out with the dealer if he really needs to meet his quota.

What kind of quota deals are you seeing? On which brands? Are they saying that if you do the deal now, then it is X thousand dollars discount over ana above normal discounts. And how do you know this is a quota deal?

if there car is really 3000 mi away you’re dealing with big shipping costs and the danger of something happening on an open truck in the winter going 3000 mi cross country. Not sure if i would do it or if it even makes financial sense.

Different stores have different policies.

In California, because of the curbing stone law. You must actually take delivery and drive it off the lot for it to count. So most CA dealers want it done like that, some are okay with just printing the docs and having dated material.

Good Luck!

Anthony @ https://dsrleasing.com

I love the idea of having a new car delivered to my home.

This should cut out the games and crap we have to deal with in the F&I office…

I have heard that some dealerships hire drivers just to deliver new cars to their new customers…

So, my question is how far will they go for an end-of-month sale?

50 miles?
75 miles?
150 miles?

i guess it just depends on who they have available to drive. If no car is coming back for lease return they need two drivers.

Are they using porters that are already on hourly or they using contractors they need to pay $150 to $300 for the run?

its a case by case scenario depending on the store you’re doing business with.

What state are you in?

Regarding delivery. It depends on the dealer and the client. My kid is an Internet manager at a high-line dealer in South Orange County. He has personaly delivered cars to customers in San Francisco. Leaves at 4am and gets back home at 5-6PM the same day. He usually brings back a car that is a lease return. They only do this for their repeat customers who want their new cars ASAP. You got to what ever it takes to make the customer happy.

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I would be curious to see how far your son has gone on one run… in other words, would he travel 150 miles to land a new customer (and take back a trade in)?

I am in the middle of nowhere… just one dealer 30 minutes away…

So I would like to get bids from dealers from more populated areas - but they can be over 100- to 150 miles away.

~750 miles round trip in one day. He does this every 3 months or so. The customers are the 1% that want the personal touch. They are repeat customers that buy/lease $100K+ cars every year from the dealership and they typically know the GM. My kid doesn’t mind the long haul. He is only 26 so he has the stamina to do this kind of stuff. When he is on the road, he is still working deals on the cell phone so it not exactly 100% down time. If one of his customer shows up at the dealership when he is away, he will have one of buddies at the dealership take over for him. He just splits the commission 50/50 with his buddy. As long as his buddy recepicates, it evens out. For the non 1% that are not repeat customers, he will deliver the car as long as it is in the greater LA area (50-100 mile radius depending on the deal). He will typically have a porter drive another car so he has a ride back home. He also ships a lot cars out of state and internationally when needed.


I think I speak for most here… would love to hear more about the secretive inner workings of the dealership via your kid…

Last question: You said he ships a lot of cars out of state (and internationally)… so that tells me it makes sense to get the lowest lease price anywhere in the country and negotiate the shipping cost (rather than limiting negotiations locally)?

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Dude…he is talking about ultraluxury cars with very ‘fat’ deals (relatively huge profit margins) and buyers who are relatively inelastic to price for the service & convenience provided.

No one is going to give you a ‘skinny’ ‘LH special’ deal on a regular car and then deliver/ship it to you

I had my X3 delivered and I was 40 miles away and there was no money to be made on the car. They just wanted the deal and were nice people. They only way they could get the deal was by delivering the car. They sent two people with two cars as there was no lease return.

I would consider 40mi to be local, unlike delivering to the ‘middle of nowhere’

Oh yeah, me too. But the point was really that they made nothing from the deal and yet were still able to deliver.

Well, we should not assume they make nothing just because they tell us so. Only they know all the numbers. Not saying they weren’t nice people - but it’s all business for them.

Currently they are getting $2k in kickback per car sold for an X3. So $2k below invoice is as goo as it gets without them actually losing on the deal.

I was not going on what they told me.