End of Month or Wait for Columbus Weekend

Anyone have past experience if I should lease before the end of the month or wait and see what Columbus weekend deals maybe.

It’s been said before, the holiday sales (Columbus Day, 4th of July, etc…) are nothing more than a marketing gimmick. You won’t do much better (if at all) than the rest of October.

It’s a gamble now to take the deal this month, or wait and see if numbers get better or worse than they are in Sep.


What about states that don’t celebrate Columbus day? Guess I’ll have to wait until March for the killer Cesar Chavez deals.


I would wait for indigenous peoples day. Nothing screams, sale on a new Chevy! like indigenous people day.


“Buy Chevy–Made in America by immigrants who stole the land and slaughtered it’s native people. Chevy pride.”

LOL… Funny y’all

Is this also true for the end-of-year events (e.g., December to Remember, etc.)?

I’d have to disagree somewhat that end-of-year is just another gimmick. When dealerships are shooting for lucrative end-of-year volume based bonuses they just may offer some deals at more attractive than usual prices.

It all depends - just know what a good deal is and then if you find it jump on it.

i work for a dealer and i had to google when Columbus Day was… so no, wouldn’t bank on that holiday. :stuck_out_tongue:


So do you think there might be some good deals to be found this week before the month ends, or will the sales guys be holding out hoping people come in and get suckered for the “special holiday deals”?

The numbers are already set for this month. The only chance you have to catch a deal is to find a dealer looking for a bonus based on units sold who may be willing to go deeper into his profit to make it up on the back end. Those types of deals aren’t advertised…all comes down to finding the right dealer sprinkled with some luck.

This is not only end of month but end of quarter. So the deals here are better than on some arbitrary Columbus Day.

The best deal for any given day is the deal you got that day. And if you think you got a good deal, then you did.