End of Lease Turn In

This is the first car I ever leased. What should I expect when they inspect the car? Do they get real picky or ridiculous and try to make up charges or anything?

My first lease turn in was uneventful.

Chrysler sent out an inspector to look over my Jeep. Inspector found what I was expecting him to find, 2 rear tires needed replacing and there were 2 golf ball dents. Neither dent impacted the inspection.

I choose not to replace the tires on my own as the cost Chrysler quoted me, $150/pair, was about what it would’ve cost me locally. Once the turn in window was open I drove the dealer and dropped it off, took about 10 minutes.

i just turned in my lease and it only took 15 minutes. my car was as clean as the day i got it. so that was pretty much no hassle. if you have damage bigger than a credit card and long curbed rims then they might get you for that.