End-of-Lease Procedure - Chevy

Hello hackers -

I returned my li’l Electric Chevy Spark after completing a 3 yr lease- back in October of last year. The DMV sent 2 reminders for registration - and I didn’t bother with them.

Now I got a ‘third and final’ reminder from DMV - in which they say they will report the delinquency to ftb (CA state income tax authority) for collections.

At the end of lease, I duly returned the car to the local dealer and got a signed form from them with the car details (mileage/date etc.) at the point of return…

I was hoping Chevy / dealer would inform the dealer about the return of the lease - but obviously that hasn’t happened.

Did I miss any steps? Any suggestions on what I should do now?


Cover your ass and send a liability transfer notice. Dealers can sometimes process their paperwork slow.