End of lease options

My question is that I have a lease on a dodge charger that is up at the end of July. I had paid the rest of what I owed a few months ago so I am not making any payments. My lease was 36/15k and I only have about 37k total miles on the car so I will be way under miles. Do you think I could get any extra incentive from Chrysler capital if I decided to lease a new charger now or should I just wait until the end of my lease.

Buy returning early (technically - trading-in) you can:

  • avoid lease end inspection that may cost you some money
  • avoid disposition fee
  • possibly get some equity from the dealer

I did it twice and got $500 in equity money both times. Ones I returned to the same brand, and second time - to a different one.

What if the “trade-in value” is worth less than the residual value?

Then you walk away from it.

You qualify for returning leasee or conquest so you’re set on that rebate.

Just like @Benedetto said - walk away. Dealer will want your business, so they try to give you at least your pay-off amount, especially that you are under miles.

I’m grounding my car at a GM dealer on the 28th of the month and getting a new lease. Dealer says they plan to try to buy it from GMF. It’s a Cruze and not worth residual but I assume they can just negotiate with GM and buy it at wholesale essentially.

Can I just cancel my inspection? Or should I still do the inspection?