End of lease i3 2019 REX (low mileage, 15k)

Experts please help. These are the options I have.

OPTION-1: Buyout this i3 lease.
Lease buyout is 30k (Will have to pay 3k+ in sales tax).
I see only 14 i3 for sale in 250 miles radius. The minimum is 32k which has 16.5k miles. I am not sure how popular these cars are but we have loved ours for sure. Also, if there an affordable option to buy extended BMW factory warranty on this car, say 7 year warranty, out of state or any dealer that sells warranty for better pricing?

OPTION-2: Buy a used gas car roughly 25k+2.5k in sales tax.
I saw a mini cooper gas, 2 years old for $25k. I can go for any used car actually for that range.

I would like to keep the car for roughly 3 years. I am debating if i3 will drop faster in value in 2-3 years because it doesn’t have full range, although it has a backup gas tank which is actually very useful. Also, the maintenance might be very high on i3, again I am not sure on that either. Would love to get some expert advise and opinions on what might be the best next step here.


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