End of Lease Buyout Question

In California. Question: My 3 year lease is up, and due to COVID I extended a few months. My lease was officially up Last May, but last February, I renewed my car registration (expensive). If I purchase the car from the lender next month, do I then have to re-register the car and be and be out that money, or will my current California registration still be valid until next May?
Thanks in advance

Registration is good for 1 year. Did you pay early in February or was registration up in February?

Hi Jon,
Yes, the registration was due and paid on time in February, so from what your telling me, that same registration will still be valid for a full year if I purchase the car. I was concerned that Calif would double dip and make me re-register when I moved from lease to owner.
Thanks for the reply

Yes. Registration with DMV follows the car. You are good till Feb 2021.

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It tells you when the registration is valid to on the registration paper from the DMV