End of lease- Autovin inspection

Hello I need advise on an inspection from Autovin rep that I think is bogus. I currently lease a Chevy volt which is due in a few weeks. I had a rep from Autovin who came out to inspect it last week. I just reviewed the report, and was floored. He wrote me up for excessive damages for 1) dings less than 2" and no more than 2 in one panel 2) scratches that were less than 4", 3) Mismatched tires, which I just replaced less than 6 months ago 4) missing a key fob, which I told him upfront my wife had the key fob.
Total charges were over $880!

Everything he wrote up is contradictory to the end of lease pamphlet which I received from Chey for the definition of “excessive” wear. Who or how can I dispute the findings of this moron inspector?

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So found out by calling Auto vin that they just submit the “damages” they see to GM Financial. GM is the one the writes up the “excessive” charges. Spoke to Marcus at GM Financial and he said the charges are just “preliminary” and that once vehicle is turned in, determine final charges.