End of lease 2020qx60 luxe AWD, essential (Nav, leather, Bose) low mileage (13k)

Need an expert advise:

  1. Buyout at 30K plus tax (sell within 2 years)
  2. extend @$465 for 3 months plus tax (shop for end of year deals?)
  3. get 2022 CX9 GT or equivalent @ $600 (include tax), zero down or below?

None of the above.

Finance a brand new Highlander, Palisade or Telluride.


Search forum for “sludge in engine” and 1 goes away immediately


extend it and then give it back. the payment is cheap enough.


Given the current trajectory of things, this is probably not a realistic expectation. It’s not like we’re likely to have tons of 2022s the dealers need to desperately clear out to make way for the truckfuls of 2023s clogging up the dealer lots.

The only reasonable 3-row deals are Ascent 2022 or order a Grand Cherokee L.

I’d probably do the former rather than extend the lease. And at least for the Subaru, finance it.

Thank you. Any thoughts on CX9GT @ $600 (with tax) zero down.

Without knowing more like MSRP and drive off, I’d probably say no on $21.6k to use a CX-9 for 3 years. If the price/discount is competitive, I’d probably finance. But again, hard to say definitively without more detail.

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Selling: 46,200
Drive off:1.5K

What kind of deals are folks getting on Ascents?

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The MF looks like something west coast. Where did you get those numbers?

About $600/mo too much for that pos.

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I’ve seen dealers in CA doing as much as $2k off MSRP. Dunno about northeast.

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With the details provided what are your thoughts?
Getting CV9GT for city driving mostly seemed priced competitively to what would be an alternative mid-size higher end SUV without 3rd opt for (RX350, jeep ltd).

Any midsize SUV crossover makes sense for 500-600 range?

An you please elaborate?

I had a CX9GT for a while and it was a heaping pile of crap. Even my wife, who couldn’t care less about cars, reveled in the day we could finally get rid of it. Not just because of issues we had but because of just overall flawed design and packaging.

Thanks. What are real options then left for a 500-600 range, zero down option? 2nd or 3rd. (decent lux models as I am coming of QX60luxe)

Cx9 isnt a decent lux option. It puts on a good show on the showroom floor and thats it.

Definitely not number one due to sludge issues as Lvs23 said and the value of the car won’t be as high as you might think due to said engine issues. I had a 2020 QX60 Pure which I originally planned on purchasing after lease but after seeing all of issues and lack of tech compared to current cars, I sold my lease to a local Infiniti dealership (they bought the car and I didn’t have to pay disposition fee) and purchased a Telluride. I hope you have been servicing the car when needed and have receipts.

I recommend extending the lease 3 months to buy yourself some time to shop for deals. My suggestion would be to find a car you really like and finance it.

Or buy yourself some time for a car ordered tomorrow to arrive.

I know you said “shop for deals” but I hope the OP doesn’t interpret that as waiting for deals to get better.

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