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That would cost over $150 in SoCal.


That makes me anxious.


I just personally see trying to charge from 50%+ is somewhat a waste of my time. It will take still same 30 min to get to 80% because my ID4 curves charge speed. So I’d rather come at 10% and get to 80% in 30 min than come time and spend 1 hour in total getting from 50% to 80% each time.

The problem is EA is in the business of selling kwh but they don’t manage queue
While bold can get to 100% in 1,5 hours at the same time it could be 3 ID4s charged to 80% and total kwh sold would be far more than one Bolt.
But to that Bolt 1,5 hr is irrelevant since it’s only paying for kwh. But to EA that is a loss of revenue.

I was traveling to Vegas last week, and always stop at this EVgo station in Victorville.
This Solterra was here before I plugged in-he was barely pulling 26KwH at 74%
The charger is 350 kW, I unplugged my Tesla Y at 80% just enough to get me to Vegas (185 mile trip and I usually have another 50 miles battery left) He was still plugged in and waiting to get to 100… Retired and he lives in Victorville and can charge at home. I told him no point of waiting past 80% in this heat haha, he did unplug as soon as I left though. No other cars were waiting or plugged in. There’s two 100 kW stations and 4 are 350 kW at this site…

The only reason I go to this EVgo is that I still have about $50 credit to use with them, otherwise I will use the Superchargers on road trips for sure, more reliable, and cheaper too

The issue I think is it is not talked enough to new EV owners at the time they purchase the car. Like salesperson have to emphasize that point. And then there are a lot of disappointment cursomers being loud on all social media saying it take hours upon hours to charge the car, yet they don’t mention they were trying to get to 100%

OTH, with that I personally would not care if he will sit there another hour if he wants free charge as long as he is aware it would take forever to have it.


Got an error I’ve never had before, the voice that says “Charging started” kept saying “Unable to charge”.

Tried several times and luckily another charger opened up and I was able to charge on that one.

Several threads here say it’s a waste of time to supercharge but in the time it took me to catch up and post this on LH… I’m at 80%. :slight_smile:

Why do some people who are waiting to charge walk up to the charging stations just to check other vehicles charging progress?

Have any of you experienced that?

How is it any different than just waiting your turn in line?

It’s normal.

Just to see how long they could be waiting.

Like I said they should display %SOC and current charge rate in big numbers so you can see them from afar. :slight_smile:


Why don’t you put yourself in their shoes? You come in, all 4 ev chargers are full, there is one car in line. How will you able to determine whether you want to wait on this location vs going to another one if you can’t see all those 4 SOC & their charging rate. There is a big difference in time between all 4 in 30% SOC vs 2 at 70% SOC with one ev in front of you.

Gotta scope out the best getaway car just in case :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I had same question if you scroll up.

The answer is whoever designed these stations didn’t have anyone consider the user experience. They should limit charges to X minutes based on some formula of who is charging, how low they are and who is in queue and then display it somewhere separately so you know when each slot will open up.

Or just charge. But if you charge then you have no excuse for so many EA chargers being dead all the time.

As a complete noobie, I done charge until it hits 20-25%, charge to 80 unless I’m going on a big trip, and don’t wait if there is a lower ratio of cars waiting to slots available of 25%. I also try to charge on the slow chargers at my office which between free food and free charging now make it somewhat hard to work from home lol

Of course, no problem if more chargers are available en route. Do you know where someone else is going? I don’t, and I’m not going to tell someone “get moving.” Tell me that and I’ll tell you to mind your business.

I think it’s a good idea for EA to do this at busy stations. How about some attention to inop stations too….that’d be nice.

Any body here is from st.louis. Any idea when the EA at IKEA will operate. On EA app is says coming soon. TIA.

Take a look on EA site - they had those investor presentation and I think there was a approximate schedule of their future rollout. Not exact but more than nothing

You’re clearly not from CA where it can easily take 60-90 minutes, and sometimes longer, to get to a working EA charger. At that point, you just don’t wanna give it up, lol.

What puzzles me is seeing people that don’t get free EA charging (Ford, Chevy, Lexus, etc) wait in those crazy lines at EA while there are open EVGO stations all over the place that cost just about the same. Riddle me this!


Hmmm, how about making certain fast chargers not compatible with cars with slow charging limits? IE, can’t use 150 if your car maxes out at 50? Or can only get XX KWh to get you somewhere?

Now that makes sense. :100:

On that one I would disagree. If the 50kwh charger is taken and 150khw is free and I’m drying Nissan Leaf - I would not want it to be blocked from use for me nor would I do that to someone else.
Same story could be if 50kwh is broker.

On top of that, newer chargers are solely built as 150 and above rating while there are still plenty of older generation cars on the road plus being sold as used thanks to Fed Used EV rebate. That’s one more way to piss off new EV owners who could afford a $15k used Leaf, which will have less maintenance than similar-age Nissan Sentra.

Yes, just double the rate if you want to charge from 80-100. Those who needs it can still get it albeit paying premium for it.

Yeah, the Los Angeles area EA chargers are swamped - always a wait, often at least one out of order. EVGo mostly has more availability and generally just work.

EA needs to get their LA scene together.

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