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Well no, I guess I don’t.

I’ve yet to charge at an EA where there weren’t at least 2 free chargers. Many times I’m the only one there. So if a bus is there for 2 hours or 20 hours, it doesn’t affect me. Not everyone lives in SoCal and has to deal with backups and long waits. :slight_smile:

Bragadocious! :slight_smile:

For many of us, we have yet to charge at an EA where there weren’t at least 2 cars waiting. Hah.

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My guess is since where I live the vast majority of people live in SFH with a garage, they charge at home. There are only 3 EAs in the entire area too. And they’re never busy. One of them is at a Walmart, with 8 chargers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 3 cars there at a time. I only go there if I’m nearby, grab my 30 free mins and go shop inside WM.

Just saw a Pepsi truck pull out of a Vons- a fully electric semi. Loving the trend. Super quiet, slithering through the parking lot. Like the bus, he gonna charge for hours.

Those trucks have multiple charge points, so can you imagine coming up on your fav 4 point charging station and 1 truck is eating it all up?

Which on the new BTC units is a wasted effort since they split power. :smiling_face_with_tear:

So if there are 4 units they split power like an old L2 Chargepoint?

Two units split one cabinet like the old Tesla A/B setup but obviously configured for up to 1KVDC charging depending on the car’s pack.

If both are in use they split the max current output for the cabinet.

Oh! I was thinking of @ST_00 example of finding at least 2 slots open.

All the chargers in SoCal that I have seen do have dual CCS but don’t support Dual Charging. It’s one or the other and not both at the same time.

That would be the ABB and Signet gear as the BTC units only have a single cable.

I’m not quite sure what they intended with the dual cable setup on the CCS only aside from making it easier to access the connection point on the vehicle since the spacing was never setup to serve two cars per pedestal.

Yeah… I don’t get that… why have 2 cables if only one car can charge at a time… and they are so close together a single long cable will suffice.

So lonely…

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That charging curve is sick.

wow what a paradise! some of you guys don’t know how good you’ve got it.

Been seeing a lot of Schneider eCascadia trucks at various SoCal EA stations and just saw this Penske truck in Baker a day ago. They seem to have high capacity but low voltage batteries, hence the 2 charge port option. Charging 440kWh battery at 180kW on single port seems like a nightmare, no matter what the curve is.

It’s happening!!! Where is the I7.

@holeydonut my buck teeth are the smallest.


I didn’t put my phone on silent last night because I had an early flight, and I wanted to hear any overnight notifications from the airline.

Instead of hearing from AA, while deep into REM sleep at 12:01 a.m., EA decided that I needed to know that my charging session from an unknown number of days ago was complete.

You’ve been selling your EA account to rando’s again? :slight_smile:

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Six waiting… 2nd location had 2 broken plus.

This was the third location. At least I’m first in line.

Inside that grey fence is the safety kill switch, press it. Once it shuts down all chargers and wait till everyone leaves. Then flip it back on, give it few mins to go back on network and youll have a chargers available