Elantra sport Fully Loaded ($190/m) or WRX Base($260)

Which one would you guys/girls pick?

Elantras is better economy and more amenities for a much lower price. Subaru is pure insanity while driving, but lacking in amenities and fuel economy is pretty horrid.

Total cost differential (including insurance and gas) comes out to about $100 extra a month for the Subaru.

What’s the down payment and what are the incentives applied? Any more details?

0 down payment on both. Sign and Drives.

I haven’t negotiated the Subaru yet, just an estimate based on everything I know. MF, Residual and second lowest TrueCar recorded price in the nation.

The Elantra I have negotiated.

I have:
-10% off msrp.
-3000 Lease Cash
-1000 Uber
-500 Boost Up

I am probably going to go with the Elantra. It comes with way more features and seems to be fast enough.

Go for it …post pics when you get it

I drove my buddies WRX limited for a week, while fun for the first few day, I was ready to give it back at the end of the week. The Elantra would make a better daily driver I think.

That 190 monthly- can your elaborate how that comes about?

Negotiate with multiple dealers in area. I honestly would like to get $185. Well see. I have another week or so till end of the month. You have to find that one dealer that needs to make one more sale.

Can you pm me which one you were at?

Did you also consider the competitive owner discount?

Comparing apples to oranges - dull FWD commuter to an AWD sports car

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Would really appreciate if you would stop commenting on my post. Your consistently snarky comments have an overly negative spin, while offering no real value at all. Thank you in advance.

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Who can you use competitive owner? A dealer in PA. They’re all around the same price to be honest. I think most dealers will do this.

I think anyone with pink slip of a car that is of a brand other than hyundai qualifies. And if you own a hyundai you get the loyalty discount. Like it’s a discount available to anyone. I don’t really get it when it’s put like that though that’s the way it is…

Don’t like my comment - don’t ask these types of questions. Otherwise - accept others’ opinions.


creature comfort wise yes the Hyundai is the better option. strictly performance wise the WRX.

Seems your Sube is pure speculation, but the Elantra deal what are the details? How many years, what mileage?
If you are getting 10% off PLUS the 4500 in rebate money, 190 seems high but still a good price for a 26000 dollar car esp. if mileage is 15k a year.

Just to nitpick, if you are using boost up you are putting five hundred down.

I am not including it in the calculation though :slight_smile:

The Subaru is calculated based on second lowest TrueCar price in nation (should be possible) and residual/mf directly from dealer along with average fees charged in PA.

Elantra is currently 36/10k. I am going to shoot for 180 and 36/12k. I have a list of 35 dealers in the area I am going to send emails to tmrw and see if I can get this price before the end of the month.

I think for a 26k performance car it is a great price. Cars like the Fiesta ST have horrid residuals that make this difficult. This car has 53%

Also even 190 for this is good and WELL BELOW the 1% goal.