Elantra lease help

Looking for some advice…

My mother (who is 70) has an Elantra lease that is maturing and I’m trying to find a lease for her under 200 a month with 0 DAS. Her current lease is amazing, 155 a month with zero due when we signed. That included the 9 percent PA tax! The Elantra also prob has some equity in it too because she only has 14k out of 30k allowable miles. Any help is appreciated!

Check carvana vroom etc for equity. Right now I think the sonata is leasing less than the elantra, I’d get quotes on that and the elantra

Thanks Joe…got some quotes and looks like I have about 500 in equity there. Still they are no where close to the 155 from previous lease.

A lot has changed since the last time she leased. It’s likely that it’s impossible to get anywhere close to where she was

Doubt you can get it for $155/mo tax included with 0 das… first month doc fee and taxes up front might get you there though.

I would probably check out VW Jetta to see how close to your target you can get.


She is willing to come up on her payment a bit but the prices I am getting are a little crazy for an Elantra. I need to find a manufacturer offering some lease cash. Her lease is not up til mid September so I’ll probably wait and see what the August incentives bring.

Every dealer in my area has cheaper payments on the sonata vs the elantra

There’s no equity in an Elantra lease, it could be at 5k out of 30k miles and there still wouldn’t be equity.

Understandable, not much room for equity with such a small gap between purchase price and residual. Just asking who is offering lease cash incentives if any one knows.

Hyundai Sonata and Kia Forte.


Are you seeing any deals on the sonata? If so please share link. I am in PA…coming up empty.

Did you check Edmunds?

Yes but right now their bonus cash is only available on purchases and not leases.

Don’t focus on bonus cash. The Sonata is a laggard seller and out to be replaced. The dealer will discount it aggressively.

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How many dealers have you gotten quotes from? How many have you reached out to? Are you just looking at their ads on their web pages?

Good advice!

Reached out to two thus far…

Not nearly enough, it only takes 10 mins to contact half a dozen dealers, you’ll find out really quick who wants to deal. Use a Google voice number if anyone wants a phone number

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OK this just in

MSRP 23420
Selling price 17700 (includes 4000 lease cash)
Residual 52%
MF .00182 (high)
Payment: 250 a month

I have come to the conclusion that there are much better options than a sonata for 250 a month! That’s just insane. Opinions?