Editors Picks vs. Latest Deals on Homepage

Just wanted to give you all a heads up - maybe it was just me, but I never knew there was a full page showing all the Latest Deals, which contained items other than just the ‘Editor Picks’ that make it on the homepage. I always thought the ‘See more deals’ link just expanded out on other Editors Picks that I had already seen.

It wasn’t until someone compared their own negotiation to the deal on the Latest Deals page that I even realized the page existed, as I hadn’t seen the pre-negotiated deal on that car just visiting the homepage and the forums.

Anyway, just a suggestion, in my view it might be helpful to show all the latest deals that are still active on the homepage and then add a sticker or flag or something to highlight those that are the editors picks.

Also - I now notice the big banner on the homepage showing some pre-negotiated deals doesn’t auto scroll for me between the images in Safari on an M1 Mac. Not sure if its not designed to scroll or an issue with the browser, but wanted to make you aware.

Is it just me or are the only current deals on this page for March 2021 (this month) for just two cars? The Mazda CX-5 and CX-30.

Latest deals just shows you the latest PNDs and Editor’s Picks.

PNDs are front and center on the main page, not sure how you can miss it.

There are 4 PNDs so far this month: CX-30, CX-5, X3 and 330.

X3 PND is not showing up for me, only 330i. Also, if you just browse blog without any tags, it isn’t there either.

Didn’t see the Bimmers on OP’s link.

I now see the really big ad on the homepage (not OP’s link) that alternates between BMW and Mazda.

Given that those PND ads cost the brokers $500 per model advertised, I guess they better be pretty big.

It doesn’t scroll on its own for me, so I only saw the BMW.

me too, only the BMWs

They rotate fine for me on mobile and desktop. I think you guys just aren’t waiting long enough. Seems to rotate ads every ~8 seconds.

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Yes Latest Deals include both Editor’s Picks and Pre-Negotiated Deal (PND). We have restored “Latest Deals” in the nav bar on the upper-right hand corner of the forum for easier access, as per your suggestion.

All active PNDs are accessible by clicking the homepage banner, which scrolls every 10 seconds (we thought any time less than that would be hard to read).

Maybe it’s your browser. Try it in incognito mode as it might not be auto-scrolling due to a browser extension.

No, the ad is auto-scrolling for me. I’m saying main ad offers x3/330i PNDs. But the is no X3 PND listing when you click on it. Only 330i blog entry.

Edit: scratch that, now it shows.

Ok - yep, I’m an idiot, takes about 10 seconds on my side but it does indeed scroll.

I think the challenge is that it takes up so much space on my screen that I have to scroll down it to see anything else, so I never caught it rotating the images as I was moving past it before it did.

Do all new PND’s show up there?

Thanks! I think that will help.

Not sure if its intended, but the banner is so big I needed to scroll past it to see anything else, so apparently I was scrolling down the page before the banner changed the image.

Screenshot of what I see on my MacBook below in native resolution with the browser set to 100%-

Yes it is meant to be large on desktop.

We just tweaked the banner to make it more obvious that there are more slides!

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Much better!! Thanks!!!