** edited 2020 GLE 350 4 MATIC $690, 0 down, maintenance included


Looking to transfer my 48 month GLE 350 4 matic lease. 6 months in so far
Vehicle has about 4750 miles on it, allowance is 10k per year.
Monthly payment is $690.00 without taxes.
42 monthly payments remaining. maintenance included in payment
Payment is 725 pre tax minus $1500 incentive

Nm. Thought GLC. Is this new body style?

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yup! Haven’t seen a “hacked” version yet

Yeah. Not possible. Low inventory. Dealers here in AZ have 1 or 2 in stock. Interior is really nice on those.

Hopefully someone picks mine up… idk how active this part of the forums are

Good luck with transfer. Maybe post MSRP, residual at lease end? You might be best posting on SAL.

Wanted to try this first. Is SAL relatively active? I see cars on there but not sure how many people would actually lease off it

Its active. But here you might not find a taker. Might need incentive etc. 48 month lease is not as popular in the forum.

Hopefully it does

Yea most dealers arent budging

Man what was msrp of this? Residual?

Msrp is $58,345

Man you want honest feedback? Maybe SAL will be best. Sounds like negative equity went into this.

Thanks. Even with negative or without it’s a better then anyone’s posted on here. People are getting 825 p/month w 4K down as best

Man… Still good luck.

Honest feedback, this lease is awful.

Asking $2,695 smfh.

GLWT, but 0% chance this moves here.

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If it’s 0 down 798 then what’re the odds?

There is a pending swap on SAL for a 2020 GLE350 4Matic for $691 a month
Another for $797 without the upfront $$. Also a couple of brokers with new lease proposals for $549 (7,500 miles a year though). There are also a few higher $$ ones. Definitely look at SAL.

45 months, base GLE, $800 a month… maybe 10-15% here if someone wants it bad enough.

I’m not trying to be a dick, but playing with the calculator, with no MSDs, $0 drive off, and a discount of around 4%, I’m at $795 for 36/10 brand new at 9% tax.

45/10 isn’t a very favorable term for most users on this site. Your best bet is SAL.

695 due at signing, 798 a month w maintenance