Early termination lease

Hello, iwanna share what happened on my lease and want know if i made a poor decision…
i lease 2018 honda accord sport 2.0 for $400/ month 12k/36 no cashout zero down…and waited for 45 days for 1st payment…
after 14 months i decided i want abigger car/suv .so ia talked to my sales agent and trade it in on 2019 honda pilot exl awd 12k/36months and i pay $485/month now…what do u guys think?
i just dont want to keep the car for another 16months and keep paying on something im not happy with anymore…

If you’re happy with it, then it’s the correct decision for you.
$85 more for a vehicle you are satisfied with doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Is it the best deal you could have gotten on the Pilot? Probably not.

If you already signed, it doesn’t matter. It’s almost never advisable to roll negative into a new lease, although you are short on details, so hard to discern how much negative is rolled in.

$1700 negative

thank you @HobbesMo, thats exactly my thinking…i pay $85 more but atleast imhappy with it…instead of waiting for 16 more months…ill do better on my next lease deal…learned a hard way.