Early lease turn in fees. Never billed


We turned in our GMC yukon early, roughly 3 months early in Sept. We have not received a bill for remaining payments, milage and dispo. How long could this bill take, it’s been over 3 months and nothing yet. Is there some statute of limitations. I’m probably wishful thinking.

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any additional information like was this part of another lease or purchase? Have you checked what’s going on with your lease account?

Did you call them?




I leased a new vehicle , new manufacturer. And hell no I’m not calling them and giving them a reminder to bill me.

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There’s no more payment info or billing to be sent as per the online portal. Doesn’t give much info.

usually it would say account is closed or satisfied with $0 due.

Now that you’ve proposed the question you’ll be receiving a bill this week. Trust me that’s how it works.


Different manufacturers, but I turned in my Mercedes two months early last year and continued to wait for my account to close out (online portal and offline by calling). MBF informed me that the report would not close until the original lease contract date expired (and then it would be a little bit after that). That is what occurred.

Unlike your scenario, I had made those remaining payments (I had paid the entire lease six months prior), and they still waited.

Do you monitor your credit? If the account has not shown as late by now, that will give some indication. However, companies and corporations love to audit at the end of the year. I would expect a bill. I have had friends not follow-up on such matters, think they are in the clear, and receive a collection notice years later (but before the statute of limitations runs out).

Did you check your credit history? Hopefully they won’t mess it up saying they send you a bill and you didn’t pay.

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There must be various reports they run internally to catch these exceptions. We go extra mile ( different industry , similar business model ) to collect our receivables even if we find out about them years later. You might get lucky but it’s highly unlikely in my opinion.

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I have a feeling you’re going to be sent to collections for this. I would call GM Financial ASAP. You’re going to pay it one way or another. They’re not letting you off the hook


Call GMF. There was literally another person asking this last week and it went into collections.


GM Financial is awful with this kinda stuff. Better call and ask otherwise they’ll send you immediately to collections.

They’re so bad that every time I spoke to a different rep they each gave me a different answer :rofl:.

If you’re not satisfied with the first reps answer, call again lol .

Until I wrote a formal letter to GM nothing got corrected


Ignoring this is a bad idea. I would reach out to them. It is unlikely this will just disappear. What is far more likely is someone finds out in a few months assumes you never paid and dings your credit. Mazda took almost 6 months to bill me after I called them to see what’s up.

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Bad idea. However, if that’s the case, I hope that also means you won’t cause a fuss when they ding your credit for 90 days late too. I mean, if you don’t have to be proactive in ensuring you pay what’s due on your contract, they don’t have to give you 3 months grace without repercussion, right?

It’s possible they sold it at auction for more than your remaining payments due, which would have given you a buffer for your remaining payments owed.

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Oh please collections? He never got a bill???


If anything he might have equity in car and instead of giving him money back ,they called it even.

Q) What should I do if I don’t get my credit card bill?
A) Nothing. It’s NOT YOUR FAULT.