Early lease termination?

Hey guys so my fiancée got her self in a really bad situation with her lease. One of her friends father works at nissan and basically screwed her. She thiught she was leasing a Nissan Altima for 3 years (starting in 2015) but in reality it’s a 5 year lease. She’s okay with miles but the car needs work (brakes,tires etc) and she wants to get out of it but had two years left. I told her there’s not much she can do oh and she’s paying $320!! A month !!
Any advice ??

Find out what’s the buyout on the car, see how much she can get from either selling car privately or to Carmax/wholeseller, hopefully difference in price is not too bad.

She could also find someone to take it over will probably have to put some cash into dealto make it worth it maybe 1-2k.

Put it out for a lease transfer, offer a strong incentive and someone will probably take it off of her hands.

Thanks guys. Gonna find the buy out tomorrow hopefully it’s not too bad