Early Bird Specials?

I currently have a 2014 Ford Focus SE hatchback and I am coming up on the end of the lease at the end of July. I drive for work (a position that I didn’t know I’d be in until I was 2 years into the lease) and I am already almost at the mileage limit (31,500 total allowable miles).

I know that Ford sometimes offers deals where you can turn your lease in 3 months early, I assume the catch is that you would have to get in another Ford. My question is this: I want to get another Ford - my goal is to buy used. If there is an early bird special, can any dealership facilitate that? That way I can find a dealership that has the car I want and they can take my lease early? Or does it have to be specifically Ford dealerships?

For what it’s worth - buying my lease out early is out of the question. I’d be several thousand dollars underwater when you compare the car’s kbb value to the buyout option.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Yes. Assuming the lender is Ford Credit. No one else can waive those payments except the lender.


Thanks for the tip. Would I have to get a car from an actual Ford dealership to get financing through Ford credit? Or would I be able to use Ford Credit at any used car dealership that has the car I want? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, I really don’t know.

Ford Dealership. The point of these programs is to drive new car sales/leases.

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Thanks again for the responses. I just want to clarify - the pull ahead / early bird program would still apply if I was going to BUY a new car as well, right? It doesn’t just apply to a new lease, correct?

It’s at lender / dealership discretion

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Usually yes. (Re: purchases)

Read the print to be sure.

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